What is the rule of the silent e?

What is the rule of the silent e?

The silent-e rule is as such: When “e” is the last letter in a word and the preceding syllable has just one vowel, the first vowel is usually long and the “e” is silent. The silent-e rule is also known as the “vowel-consonant-e” pattern.

Is Silent EA vowel?

Lesson Summary Let’s review. The silent ‘e’ is an ‘e’ at the end of the word that’s not pronounced. In a short vowel sound, a vowel is typically by itself, while a long vowel sound involves the addition of a silent ‘e’ where the resulting words sound just like the vowel’s name.

Did the e100 exist?

The Panzerkampfwagen E-100 (Gerät 383) (TG-01) was a German super-heavy tank design developed towards the end of World War II. The largest of the Entwicklung series of tank designs intended to improve German armored vehicle production through standardization on cheaper, simpler to build vehicles.

How tall is heavy 5?

O-I super-heavy tank

Width 4.2 m
Height 4 m
Crew 11
Armor maximum of 200 mm

What is the tech tree of Germany in World of tanks?

Germany is an original nation in World of Tanks along with Russia. The size of its tech tree is a result of that with 3 heavy tank lines and two medium lines. Add on top two tank destroyer lines, 1 light, and 1 spg line. German tanks are some of the most iconic and recognizable for people just starting World of Tanks.

What is the lowest tier German artillery in the game?

VI (e) is the lowest tier German artillery. For its tier it has a high damage per shot gun but pays for it with poor accuracy. The Wespe and Bison are both tier 3 German Collector SPGS. The Wespe provides 10 more damage per shot and much better accuracy compared to the Bison.

What is the best German artillery to use in PUBG?

The Marder II is a frail tank destroyer with little armor and will want to avoid taking advanced positions. Your gun is excellent for your tier and can put rounds downrange accurately and quickly. G.Pz Mk. VI (e) SPG (Tier 2 SPG) At tier 2 the G.Pz Mk. VI (e) is the lowest tier German artillery.

What are the biggest tanks in World of tanks?

All of three lines boast some of the largest and certainly the heaviest tanks in the game at their ends, with the Panzer VII weighting 120 tonnes, the E-100 weighing 130 tonnes, and the Maus weighing a whopping 188 tonnes, 8 tonnes more than a Blue Whale. German tank destroyers have two starkly different lines, starting from the tier III Marder II.