What pirate ate hearts?

What pirate ate hearts?

L’Olonnais himself was an expert torturer, and his techniques included slicing portions of flesh off the victim with a sword, burning them alive, or tying knotted “woolding” (rope bound around a ship’s mast to strengthen it) around the victim’s head until their eyes were forced out.

Who was the evilest pirate?

In late 1717, Blackbeard captured a French merchant vessel or slave ship and renamed it the Queens Anne’s Revenge. He equipped it with over 40 cannons, guns, and firepower. That was the launching point of his piracy. He was known to be the worst and cruelest pirate to sail the seas.

Who was François l’Olonnais?

François l’Olonnais. Jean-David Nau (pronounced [ʒɑ̃ david no]) (c. 1630 – c. 1669), better known as François l’Olonnais (pronounced [fʁɑ̃swa lolɔnɛ]) (also l’Olonnois, Lolonois and Lolona), was a French pirate active in the Caribbean during the 1660s.

Where did Olonnais come from?

His place of birth was Les Sables-d’Olonne, a seaside town in the Vendée, in the western part of France, hence his demonym, ‘Olonnais’. Little is known about the early life of l’Olonnais, except the fact that as a young man, l’Olonnais was taken to the island of Hispaniola in the Caribbean as an indentured servant.

What did the Olonnais do in the Caribbean?

Together with other buccaneers stationed in the French colony of Saint-Domingue, l’Olonnais robbed and killed Spanish colonists in the Caribbean. l’Olonnais’ talent as a buccaneer was recognized by M. de la Place, the French governor of Tortuga, who gave him a small ship to command.

How did L’Olonnais gain his freedom?

Whether l’Olonnais gained his freedom by serving his indenture to the end, or by escaping, it is clear that he did not return to France. Instead, he decided to stay in the Caribbean and joined the buccaneers. Originally, these were men who made their living by hunting wild game in the jungles and selling the meat.