Does Southwest have a waiting list?

Does Southwest have a waiting list?

Mobile Standby ListWe are excited to share the ability to view the standby list is now accessible on your mobile device!

What does it mean to be on Southwest standby list?

Those who have Anytime or Business Select Southwest tickets are allowed to fly standby, without paying an additional fare, between the same cities on the same day if there is an open seat on an earlier flight. These fare types also receive A zone boarding privileges.

What is Southwest PNR number?

The Passenger Name Record (PNR) will provide you with information about the real-time status of your booking. You will be able to know if your Southwest tickets have been confirmed, or if you are on the waiting list. You will also have access to updates about the exact arrival and departure of Southwest flights.

What is Southwest A 1 list?

How do I earn A-List and A-List Preferred status? To qualify for A-List status, you will need to fly 25 Southwest Airlines® one-way qualifying flights or earn 35,000 tier qualifying points per calendar year.

How do I use non Rev on Southwest?

Before heading to the airport, check flight availability and create a nonrevenue listing for your trip through the Employee who gave you the Guest Pass or by calling (866) FLY-SWNR (866-359-7967). Make sure that the name in the listing exactly matches your govern- ment-issued ID.

Can you get on standby list online?

Some airlines will let you phone in or register online to get on the standby list, but these options may only be available for confirmed same-day changes. Others may require you to show up at the airport and speak with an agent, or at least use the kiosks at the airport.

What does Southwest confirmation number look like?

You’ll probably have figured this out already, but it is the six-digit (letters and numbers) code that was on your confirmation email when you purhcased the ticket, if you have that email from Southwest the confirmation number will be on there.

Can’t find my Southwest confirmation number?

Our Customer Support and Services Representatives (1-800-I-FLY-SWA) can help you find your confirmation number with some quick research. When you talk to them, have them verify the email address that you entered so we can make sure it’s correct.

How do I get Southwest a list fast?

Book short flights: You can also achieve A-List status faster by booking a large number of short flights. For example, you could purchase a number of Southwest’s lowest-priced tickets between California cities to quickly reach the 25-flight threshold.

What is Southwest a list worth?

How much is Southwest A-List status worth?

Value of benefits Cost to earn
A-List $122.99. $7,028.
A-List Preferred $983.94. $14,056.

Can you first class in non rev?

US airlines have generous non-rev policies In most cases, employees can even waitlist for premium cabins, meaning that if there’s a first or business class seat available, they can potentially fly in that. These passengers typically clear after all paid upgrades, all revenue waitlisted customers, etc.

What are non-revenue passengers?

Non-revenue Passenger means any boarded passenger who has not paid American for a revenue generating ticket, including without limitation crew and other American employees.

What are the best days to fly standby?

The basic rule about choosing the best day of the week to fly is Tuesday or Wednesday. They not only tend to be the cheapest days to fly but less busy as well. Since there are fewer people who would like to fly mid-week, Tuesday and Wednesday are also the best days to fly standby.

Who gets priority on standby?

Every airline has its own priority system, but in general, the order for boarding standby passengers is as follows: Full-fare passengers. Commuting flight crews. Standby passengers from the airline (in order of seniority or time of check-in)

How do I find my Southwest reservation without a confirmation number?

If you do not have your confirmation number, look it up with the help of Southwest’s website. Visit the Southwest Airlines website to retrieve your travel itinerary ( On the homepage of Southwest’s website, click on the link to manage travel, check in online or change your reservations.

How do I find an old Southwest confirmation number?

You could try calling reservations and they should be able to look up your canceled flight confirmation number if you provide them with your credit card number on the phone feel free to call them at 1800-435-9792 and if they can’t help you or are unable to find it I would call customer relations at 855-234-4654 and …

How do I find my confirmation number for Southwest without email?

Re: No confirmation number Our Customer Support and Services Representatives (1-800-I-FLY-SWA) can help you find your confirmation number with some quick research.

How do I contact Southwest Airlines customer service?

pass or Southwest Nonrevenue Traveler’s Number at (866) FLY-SWNR (866-359-7967). Helpful web addresses To search flight options: To review suggested airport arrival times by city: To review Southwest policies on baggage, boarding, etc.:

How do I add myself to the standby list on southwest?

You may add yourself to the standby list up to 24 hours before your flight’s scheduled departure time online at or by using an airport kiosk, ticket counter, or gate. You may also print or reprint a security document at the kiosk. For online checkin you MUST use a desktop/laptop computer.

Can you fly standby on southwest with a guest pass?

Traveling on a Southwest Airlines Guest Pass Know before you go Be flexible. A Guest Pass is a nonrevenue, space available ticket, which means that you’ll be traveling on a standby basis (not confirmed). You’ll be cleared on the standby list only if a seat is available.