Is the Fiat 500L being discontinued?

Is the Fiat 500L being discontinued?

The 500L was discontinued in the North American market after model year 2020. The 500L derives its name from Fiat’s widely known 500 models, including the original 1957 Fiat 500 and the current Fiat 500, introduced in 2007.

What is the difference between a Fiat 500 and a Fiat 500L?

Both of these Fiat hatchbacks are affordable, though the Fiat 500 might to appeal more to buyers on a tighter budget, as it has an MRSP from $14,995. The Fiat 500L is a bit pricier with an MSRP from $20,995, but it also provides more space.

Is Fiat 500L an SUV?

The Fiat 500L is technically a crossover SUV. This is mainly due to the fact that it’s quite a bit smaller than a regular SUV. It does have 7-passenger seating. However, the back seats are so small that it is hard to fit two adults in the third row.

Which is better Fiat 500X or 500L?

While both the FIAT 500L and the FIAT 500X feature similar profiles, the 500L is better for smaller families, and the 500X is great for university students.

Does the Fiat 500L have sat nav?

Sat nav and infotainment The 5.0in Uconnect touchscreen (standard on entry-level Pop Star models) is very small, but it’s mounted high on the dash, so you don’t need to divert your eyes far from the road to see it. However, some of the menu icons are small and there can be a delay when selecting a function.

Is the Fiat 500L AWD?

The 2020 500L is equipped with a 160-hp turbocharged 1.4-liter four-cylinder engine. A six-speed automatic transmission drives the front wheels; all-wheel drive is not available.

Is Fiat 500X bigger than 500L?

What kind of platform is the Fiat 500L?

The 500L platform was based on Fiat’s “Small” platform, first used with the Fiat Grande Punto and further developed since its launch in 2005.

When did FIAT stop making the 500L?

The Fiat 500L was discontinued in the North American market after the 2020 model year. In April 2010, when Fiat released its 2010-2014 product development plan, the 500L was identified as a replacement for the Fiat Idea and its rebadged variant, the Lancia Musa — and was given the internal designation L0 or Ellezero.

What are the trim levels of the Fiat 500L?

Fiat markets the 500L in various trim levels worldwide, beginning in 2014 in the US with four trim levels: Pop, Easy, Trekking, and Lounge — subsequently consolidated to three levels with model year 2017. Trim levels available globally include Sport in Canada in lieu of Easy — and Pop Star in Europe.

Is the Fiat® 500X a sporty crossover?

The FIAT ® 500X is a sporty, stylish crossover with superior driving capabilities for any adventure you set out on. Learn more about the lineup of current FIAT ® Brand vehicles. Compare features across models and use our Build & Price tool to find your perfect adventure companion. IS THE FIAT® 500L DISCONTINUED?