What are the dimensions of an elliptical?

What are the dimensions of an elliptical?

On average, ellipticals are about 6 feet long by 2.5 feet wide, but the length can range from 50 to 84 inches. Keep in mind that during operation, the pedals may extend out beyond the length of the machine.

How big is a Precor elliptical?

Equipment Dimensions and Weight

Height with PVS 81 inches / 206 cm
Length 80 inches / 203 cm
Width 28 inches / 71 cm
Height 69 inches / 175 cm
Equipment Weight 340 lbs / 154 kg

How much space is needed for an elliptical machine?

You can expect for an elliptical machine to be between four and seven feet in length. You’ll also need to leave room for the pedals while you’re in motion. For some machines, these can extend a foot or so behind the main frame. You’ll also want to account for about 20 inches of free space on either side.

What is the footprint of an elliptical?

In order for an elliptical trainer to be considered “small”, the footprint must be around 48″x24″ (or less). That is 4 feet long and 2 feet wide…now that is really small for an elliptical machine. Consider that a typical home elliptical takes up a floor space between 70-80 inches long and around 30 inches wide.

How tall of ceilings do you need for an elliptical?

In general, an 8-foot ceiling should be sufficient to operate the machine if you are 6 feet tall or shorter. If you are more than 6 feet tall, carefully measure how much the elliptical adds to your height and compare that figure to your ceiling height.

How much space do you need for an elliptical machine?

How much ceiling clearance do you need for an elliptical?

While each elliptical brand has a unique step height, it is conservative to estimate that you will need approximately an additional 12 inches of clearance above the head of the tallest user in your home. For instance, a 6 foot person will comfortably use a Precor Elliptical with a 7 foot ceiling height.

Who owns Precor now?

Peloton InteractivePrecor Incorporated / Parent organization

What is EFX machine?

The newly released Precor EFX, or Elliptical Fitness Cross Trainer, is one piece of equipment that aides women in achieving their fitness goals. With innovative technology and a slimmer body frame, the EFX was designed to fit all body types.

How much does a commercial elliptical cost?

In many cases you can buy a sturdy, versatile elliptical trainer for as little as $1,500.00 while some of the high end trainers that are fully stocked with the latest, innovative features could cost upwards of $4,000.00 or more.