What tension should I string my Babolat Pure Drive?

What tension should I string my Babolat Pure Drive?

50-59 pounds
The recommended tension range for the Babolat Pure Drive is 50-59 pounds (23-27 kg). Babolat recommends stringing this frame with their RPM Power and Excel strings.

Is pure drive a good racquet?

This is a Powerful Tennis Racquet The Pure Drive series is probably best known for it’s easy power on groundstrokes and serves. It is hard to achieve this level of power while maintaining control, but the Pure Drive does it the best, allowing players to hit hard and accurate even if the shot is slightly off center.

How do you determine string tension?

Which String Tension Should You Choose?

  1. Synthetic gut, natural gut or multifilament string: Start at the middle (or 2lbs above) of the recommended tension range that’s printed on your racquet.
  2. Polyester or kevlar: String 2 lbs below the middle of the recommended tension range that is printed on your racquet.

How do you restring a tennis racket at home?

Insert the string into the holes at the head of the racquet, thread it down through the neck and back up to the head.

  1. Secure the end of the string into the grip and move the rod into the horizontal position.
  2. Fix the second string using the second clamp and release the first string.

What should I string my racquet at tension?

When it comes to the actual tension, most manufacturers recommend stringing elastic materials like nylon or natural gut around 50-60 lbs. If using a stiffer string like polyester, drop the tension to avoid arm injuries.

Is 25 lbs string tension good?

Intermediate badminton players should use a string tension between 22 and 26 lbs (10 and 11.8 kg). Advanced and professional players should use a string tension higher than 25 pounds (11.3 kg) or whatever they feel most comfortable with.

What tension should guitar strings be?

Acoustic 80/20 Bronze with NANOWEB Coating

Gauge E-1 Total Tension (lbs)
Custom Light Strings Diameter (in) / Tension (lbs) .011 / 20 147
Light Strings Diameter (in) / Tension (lbs) .012 / 23 158
Light-Medium Strings Diameter (in) / Tension (lbs) .012 / 23 171
Medium Strings Diameter (in) / Tension (lbs) .013 / 27 183

Can I restring my tennis racket myself?

If your tennis racquet is old or damaged, you can re-string it without having to buy a new racquet. If you don’t play tennis that often, it’ll be cheaper to pay someone to restring your racquet. However, if you play tennis several times a week, it might be worth investing a few hundred dollars in a stringing machine.