How many hours a day should I study for OSCP?

How many hours a day should I study for OSCP?

However, the issue with them is that you will receive the guide/videos at the same time you receive lab access and the more time you spend reading the guide the less lab time you will have. I probably spent 250–300 hours preparing for the exam so at 15 hours per week that should take you a good 5 months.

How long should I study for the OSCP?

It’s all about the journey. So, it is recommended to take 2 or 3 months lab. 1 month lab will never be enough for learning. If you have enough time to work dedicatedly on weekdays, you can take 2 months.

Is OSCP certification easy?

OSCP is an advance level penetration testing certificate and one of the most difficult exam to crack . In 24 hrs you need to hack into 5 systems which is not that easy as you think. The problem with CEH is that,it makes you a script kiddie . It uses windows tools and most the the tools do not work either.

Can you use Google during OSCP?

OSCP has always been an “open book” exam. We encourage you to use Google, your notes, or other tools and the proctor will not disqualify your exam for any of those reasons or for having your phone or another person enter the room.

Is CEH harder than OSCP?

OSCP vs. CEH: Which exam should you take? While the OSCP certification is more difficult to earn than the CEH, penetration testers that are serious about their careers will find that the OSCP is worth the extra effort and that it provides the most benefit for their future career options.

Will I get job after OSCP?

Usually, the answer is Yes, OSCP is enough to start working as a pen-tester anywhere (including the US), and there is a good reason for that.

Can I use notes in OSCP?

What is the salary after OSCP?

Offensive Security Certified Professional (OSCP) Jobs by Salary

Job Title Range Average
Security Consultant, (Computing / Networking / Information Technology) Range:₹500k – ₹2m Average:₹1,017,365
Senior Security Consultant Range:₹570k – ₹2m Average:₹1,448,276
Cyber Security Analyst Range:₹190k – ₹2m Average:₹573,913

How long does it take to crack OSCP?

Active Preparation 45 days : Whenever I tackle new machines, I did it like an OSCP exam. I will always try to finish the machine in a maximum of 2 and half hours without using Metasploit. Of course, when I started pwning machines a year ago, things weren’t going exactly as I planned.

Is it worth taking the OSCP exam?

It’s just an exam, just take it. If you fail, you fail, it hardly matters. The OSCP Certification looks the same to everyone, even if it took five times to achieve vs. someone else who obtained it on the first try. 5. Practice on everything.

How do I prepare for the OSCP exam?

Those preparing for the OSCP exam are required to attend the Offensive Security in-house training. The Penetration Testing with Kali Linux (PwK) course offered by Offensive Security is self-paced and online and costs $999. The course consists of PDFs and videos with attached lab time and one exam voucher.

How to get unstuck on the OSCP exam?

Don’t use writeups to get unstuck. Treat this as the OSCP exam with a time crunch. There are a decent rotation of boxes available, introducing plenty of practice opportunities pre-exam. Also, something about having a timer escalates the pressure of exploitation – which is fairly useful in preparation for the OSCP examination.

What is an OSCP and why should you care?

Keep the following in mind; An OSCP has demonstrated the ability to use persistence, creativity, and perceptiveness to identify vulnerabilities and execute organized attacks under tight time constraints. OSCP holders have also shown they can think outside the box while managing both time and resources.