Is a headache rack worth it?

Is a headache rack worth it?

If you’re concerned about break-ins, then a headache rack is worth every cent. It prevents someone from breaking into your truck via the rear cab window. And, you can leave the rear window open on hot days without fear.

What is the purpose of a truck headache rack?

Headache racks have been growing in popularity, likely because they have many purposes. Their main purpose is to prevent items from potentially sliding into the cab’s rear window, but some have additional functions, like the ability to hold certain items upright or support long loads.

What is the purpose of a BACKRACK?

Most people who purchase a BACKRACKā„¢ Truck Rack do so with a specific purpose in mind. They are often contractors, farmers, or miners who need to haul certain types of equipment safely from point A to point B and they require a sturdy and reliable truck rack that will last them for years to come.

How do I choose a truck rack?

Find the maximum total weight your truck can haul To make sure that your truck can handle the weight of a ladder rack and the additional load, find out your truck’s gross vehicle weight rating. This is usually located on a sticker inside your driver’s side door, or in your owner’s manual.

How much are Highway Products headache racks?

Highway Products Honeycomb Headache Rack

List Price: $749.99 – $949.99
Our Price: $599.95 – $799.95
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How much weight can a headache rack hold?

How much weight will a headache rack hold? We recommend no more than 350 pounds of forward leaning weight and 1500 pounds of weight directly on top of the rack. How long does it take to install the headache rack?

Is a ladder rack worth it?

Ladder racks have many advantages. First, by carrying long objects over the bed and cab, the entire bed space remains free for what would normally go back there. A ladder rack secures items that might shift and cause damage to the bed. What can’t be overlooked is safety.

How much weight can a back rack hold?

Rear racks are usually rated to carry loads between 20 and 50 pounds, which is sufficient for most uses. A few heavy-duty touring models are able to carry up to 80 pounds.