What district is Malanday Valenzuela?

What district is Malanday Valenzuela?

the 1st district of Valenzuela

City Valenzuela
Congressional districts Part of the 1st district of Valenzuela
• Type Barangay

How many barangays are in Valenzuela City?

33 barangays
Barangays. Valenzuela has 33 barangays as shown in the following table.

What is the largest barangay in Valenzuela?

T. de Leon
Out of the 32 barangays in the city of Valenzuela, Hen. T. de Leon was the biggest in terms of population size, constituting 72,234 persons or 14.88 percent.

What barangay is Maysan Valenzuela?

Maysan is a barangay in the city of Valenzuela. Its population as determined by the 2020 Census was 23,081. This represented 3.23% of the total population of Valenzuela….Contents.

Type barangay
Coordinates 14.6983, 120.9800 (14° 42′ North, 120° 59′ East)
Estimated elevation above sea level 13.9 meters (45.6 feet)

What district in NCR is Valenzuela?

1st and 2nd district
Valenzuela, Metro Manila

Region National Capital Region
Province none
District 1st and 2nd district
Founded November 12, 1623

What district is Bagbaguin Valenzuela?

Valenzuela’s 2nd congressional district

Valenzuela’s 2nd congressional district
Electorate 202,392 (2019)
Major settlements 9 barangays Bagbaguin General T. De Leon Karuhatan Mapulang Lupa Marulas Maysan Parada Paso de Blas Ugong
Area 18.69 km2 (7.22 sq mi)
Current constituency

How many barangays are there in district 2 Valenzuela?

nine barangays
It consists of nine barangays in the southern part of the city, namely Bagbaguin, General T. de Leon, Karuhatan, Mapulang Lupa, Marulas, Maysan, Parada, Paso de Blas and Ugong. It is currently represented in the 18th Congress by Eric M.

What is the Brgy in Valenzuela?

List of barangays

Barangay District Population (2015)
Rincon 1st 6,603
Tagalag 1st 3,209
Ugong 2nd 41,821
Veinte Reales 1st 22,949

What district of NCR is Valenzuela?

4th District
Cities and Municipalities

Name Status
Valenzuela City
N.C.R., 4th District (Southern Manila District) District
Las Piñas City
Makati City

Is Valenzuela within NCR?

Valenzuela (/ˌvælənzjuˈɛlə/), officially known as the City of Valenzuela (Tagalog: Lungsod ng Valenzuela), is a 1st class highly urbanized city in the National Capital Region of the Philippines. According to the 2020 census, it has a population of 714,978 people.

What District of NCR is Valenzuela?

Is Valenzuela part of Bulacan before?

On November 7, 1975, jurisdiction over Valenzuela was moved from the province of Bulacan to Metro Manila.

What barangay is Paco Park?

Barangay 674
Barangay 674 is a barangay in the city of Manila, under the administrative district of Paco….Contents.

Type barangay
Island group Luzon
Region National Capital Region (NCR)
City Manila
District Paco

What district is Ermita?

5th District

Region National Capital Region
City City of Manila
Congressional District 5th District

What Brgy is Otis Paco Manila?

Barangay 829 City of Manila Barangay 829 is a barangay in the city of Manila, under the administrative district of Paco.