What does unladen load mean?

What does unladen load mean?

1. that is not weighed down with a load; not loaded. 2. (of weight) when not loaded, in contrast to weight when loaded.

Is a transit van 3.5 tonne?

3,500kg (aka 3.5 tonnes or 3.5t) in 350 series models (all Transit DCiVs are 350 series) 4,700kg in 470 series models (RWD L4H3 Transit vans only)

What is the difference between gross weight and axle weight?

GCWR stands for Gross Combined Vehicle Weight Rating. This is the maximum total combined weight of both the vehicle and trailer. GAWR is Gross Axle Weight Rating – the maximum weight either axle can carry individually – and there will be a different rating for both the front and rear axles.

How many ton is Ford Transit?

Like its name suggests, the Ford Transit 5.0-tonne has a gross vehicle weight of 5,000kg. It can support a maximum payload of 2,383kg, which is 300kg more than the standard van. Ford also says the new model lends itself particularly well to conversions, such as tippers, police vans, ambulances and 19-seat minibuses.

Does kerb weight include driver?

The kerb weight is what a van weighs when empty – in other words, without its driver, passenger or load. However, the kerb weight does include the fuel, and the van’s standard equipment.

What does ground clearance unladen mean?

Ground clearance is the least distance between the lower end of the vehicle body or chassis and the road. It defines the lowermost part of the vehicle in comparison to the ground. Most of the manufacturers define this dimension in unladen vehicle condition that is a vehicle without any extra load.

Is a Ford Transit 3.5 tonne?

Large 3.5-tonne vans are the heaviest vans you can drive on a regular UK car licence – and on this page you’ll find them ranked in order of maximum payload. Examples of the large vans included in this list are the Ford Transit, Mercedes-Benz Sprinter and Fiat Ducato.

What does 1500kg mean on a transit trailer?

1500Kg means the unladen weight will come in around 1710KG so that within the GVW I can pull 3 tonnes on the trailer with 200Kg in the van. The hitch is rated for 3.5 tonnes. Thanks again. Re: Transit Unladen weight? I think you will find that the maximum trailer weight is 2000kg (if braked) regardless how much is in the van

How much does a Ford Transit panel van weigh?

Ford Transit Custom Panel Van. Kerb Weight: 1556–2761 kg. Payload: 759–2724 kg. GVW (Gross Vehicle Weight): 2,900-3500 kg. *There are so many models of Ford Transit available it’s next to impossible to list each definitively. Again, if you would like to know the GVW of your particular model, see your vehicles VIN plate.

What does unladen weight mean on a car?

Unladen weight (sometimes shown as tare weight) is defined as the weight of a vehicle equipped and ready for operation on the road and includes: The body, fenders, permanently attached boxes, and body parts. The oil in the motor, a radiator full of water, and five gallons of gasoline.

What can be included in an unladen vehicle?

The oil in the motor, a radiator full of water, and five gallons of gasoline. Any machinery, equipment, or attachment which is necessary for the efficient operation of the body or vehicle. Refer to the Unladen Weight Exclusions section in this chapter for exclusions from unladen weight information.