Who were the OG NHL teams?

Who were the OG NHL teams?

Here’s a brief history of expansion in the NHL: 1942: With the demise of the Brooklyn Americans, the NHL’s Original Six era begins. The Boston Bruins, Chicago Black Hawks, Detroit Red Wings, Montreal Canadiens, New York Rangers and Toronto Maple Leafs make up the League for the next 25 seasons.

Who was the original 6 hockey teams?

About The Book While there had been teams that dated back to the 1800s and many that came and went through the years, there are six teams which are considered to be the Original or Traditional Six: the Montreal Canadiens, Boston Bruins, New York Rangers, Chicago Blackhawks, Toronto Maple Leafs, and Detroit Red Wings.

What happened to Hartford Whalers?

After Governor Rowland decided not to have the taxpayers fund a new arena, Karmanos announced that the team would leave Hartford. On May 6, 1997, Karmanos announced that the Whalers would move to the hockey hotbed that is Raleigh, North Carolina.

Will Hamilton get a NHL team?

Hamilton tried to earn an NHL team in the 1990s, but was outbid by the Ottawa Senators. There have been rumors that the teams located near Toronto, Buffalo, and even Detroit, didn’t want a team in Hamilton, and thus the NHL rejected the bid, but those reports have been denied by the league commissioner at the time.

What does the H stand for in Canadiens logo?

The ‘H’ in the logo does not stand for Habs or Habitants, and it never has. It stands for hockey. The crest was changed to represent the new team name: Le club de Hockey Canadien. It’s a lot like today’s. The design is simply cruder.

What are the defunct teams in the NHL?

List of defunct and relocated National Hockey League teams. The NHL president at the time, Frank Calder, stripped the franchise from owner Mike Quinn and sold it to a Hamilton-based company. Three franchises became defunct due to the Great Depression: the Philadelphia Quakers, the St. Louis Eagles, and the Montreal Maroons.

What hockey team has a dog as a logo?

The Youngstown SteelHounds of the Central Hockey League had a well-designed logo that really stood out amongst other mundane and amateur logos. Although the team is no longer in existence (folding in 2008), this concept should be used by another hockey team that uses a dog in their logo.

What are the best designed logos in the NHL?

Some AHL teams have amateur-looking logos, but during its heyday Saint John had one of the best designed logos in the entire league. If Flames’ fans had their way, they would probably want this logo back.