Can you buy a book from Qatar National Library?

Can you buy a book from Qatar National Library?

Our members have free access to online resources that cover a wide range of subject areas and age groups. You can download ebooks, audiobooks, academic papers, newspaper articles, magazines, and stream music and videos.

How can I search books in Qatar National Library?

To find what you are looking for, use the search field below to enter keywords, subject, book title or author’s name. On the results page, you can refine your search results using various filters.

Do you have to book for Qnl?

Reserve a Study Space These can only be booked by the Library members and require advanced reservation, which you can do using the links below.

How do I borrow a book on Qnl?

According to QNL, “to borrow books in this phase of reopening, you need to book a Library visit and request the books in advance through this form at least 2 working days before the time slot you’ve booked for your Library visit. You will also need your Library ID to self-checkout these books.

How do you borrow a book?

How to borrow a book: Quick guide

  1. Carry out a library search. Is the item available? If not, click here to find out how to reserve an item.
  2. Locate on the shelves. Use library signage and floor plans to navigate your way around the library to find where items with the call number/classmark are located.
  3. Borrow the book.

How can I register in Qatar Library?

Anyone who lives in Qatar and has a valid Qatari ID/Residence Permit is eligible for free library registration. To register, please visit: and to access the complete list of online resources, please visit: Please send us your feedback here.

Who designed Qatar National Library?

Rem KoolhaasQatar National Library / Architect

Is food allowed in Qnl?

Food and drinks purchased from the café or restaurant in the Library are to be consumed on the café or restaurant premises only. Drinks are allowed in most areas of the Library when in a container with a securely fastened lid.

How can I get membership in Qatar Library?

Becoming a Member of Qatar National Library Send a copy of your valid Qatari ID or RP (both sides) to [email protected] Your barcode and PIN number will be sent to your registered email. Bring your valid Qatar ID or RP to the User Services Desk at the Library to pick up your membership card.

How do I renew my book in Qatar National Library?

You may renew a book 7 days before the due date through the Library website by logging into your account, selecting the book(s) you want to renew and clicking on ‘Renew Marked,’ or in person by visiting the User Services Desk with your membership card.

How do I get a Qnl card?

Children & Teens (For 0-17 years old)

  1. Fill out the online registration form found at the QNL website.
  2. Ask the parent or guardian to fill out and sign the Terms and Conditions Form.
  3. Scan the signed Terms and Conditions Form together with the child’s valid Qatari ID/RP (both sides) or passport and email to [email protected]

How many books are in Qatar National Library?

one million books
In addition to full-text online resources, the Library currently has more than one million books in its collections, along with more than 500,000 ebooks, periodicals and newspapers, and special collections.

When was Qatar National Library built?

Qatar National Library
Country Qatar
Established November 19, 2012
Architect Rem Koolhaas
Location Ar Rayyan

How many books can you borrow from Qnl?

The institutional membership allows its members to borrow up to 20 books for 21 days, with two renewals.

Is food allowed in Qatar National Library?

How to book a visit to the Qatar Digital Library?

Click here to book your visit . Our Online Resources (eBooks, articles, eMagazines, eNewspapers …etc.), Qatar Digital Library and Digital Repository remain accessible 24/7 wherever you are. All books borrowed after 25 December 2021 are automatically renewed until 28 February 2022.

Who is eligible to register at Qatar National Library?

All Qatari citizens and residents of Qatar are eligible to register at Qatar National Library. If you are not a member yet, please register now. You will be required to provide a copy of your Qatar National ID or Residency Permit.

Can I borrow books for my child in Qatar?

However, parents can visit the Children’s Library to borrow books for their children. Click here to book your visit . Our Online Resources (eBooks, articles, eMagazines, eNewspapers …etc.), Qatar Digital Library and Digital Repository remain accessible 24/7 wherever you are.