How do you graph a line in algebra?

How do you graph a line in algebra?

Graphing a Line Using the Slope and Y-Intercept

  1. Find the y-intercept = b of the equation y = mx + b.
  2. Plot the y-intercept. The point will be (0, b).
  3. Find the slope=m of the equation y = mx + b.
  4. Make a single step, using the rise and run from the slope.
  5. Connect those two points with your line.

What is Y =- 3 on a graph?

We can write y=−3 as. y=0x−3. So, its slope is 0, which indicates that it is a horizontal line, and its y -intercept is −3 . Hence, its graph looks like: I hope that this was clear.

How do you solve algebraic equations with multiple variables?

The basic rule for solving multi-variable, multi-step equations is to first be sure you have the same number of equations as the number of different variables in the equations. Then, solve one of the equations for one of the variables and plug that expression in for what it equals into the other equation.

How to write your own equation in Algebra?

First,you want to identify the unknown,which is your variable. What are you trying to solve for?

  • Look for key words that will help you write the equation. Highlight the key words and write an equation to match the problem.
  • The following key words will help you write equations for Algebra word problems:
  • How do you solve a simple algebra equation?

    – √ (2x+9) – 5 = 0 First, move everything that isn’t under the radical sign to the other side of the equation: – √ (2x+9) = 5 – Then, square both sides to remove the radical: – (√ (2x+9)) 2 = 5 2 = – 2x + 9 = 25 Now, solve the equation as you normally would by combining the constants and isolating the variable: – 2x = 25 – 9 = – 2x = 16 – x = 8

    How do you graph an absolute value equation?

    Graphing the Absolute Value Function f (x) = | x| The graph looks like a “V”, with its vertex at (0, 0). Its slope is m = 1 on the right side of the vertex, and m = – 1 on the left side of the vertex. We can translate, stretch, shrink, and reflect the graph.

    How to solve equations quickly?


  • A. x < y
  • B. x > y
  • C. x ≤ y
  • D. x ≥ y
  • E. cannot be determined. Solution 17x 2+48x – 9 = 0…. (1)
  • Correct option: A
  • Options
  • A. x < y
  • B. x > y