Is Cardrona good for beginners?

Is Cardrona good for beginners?

Cardrona is great for beginners with its wide open slopes and brand new chondola, a ‘combined’ lift of gondola cabins and chairs, making it easy for first time skiers and snowboarders to ride to the top of the mountain on their first day.

How long is Cardrona open?

approximately 19 weeks
Cardrona is open for approximately 19 weeks through the winter season (June – October) and approximately 16 weeks through the summer season (December – March). Most staff start paid training the week prior to opening day & generally finish at the end of the operational season.

Who is Cardrona owned by?

Wayfare NZ
Cardrona is a wholly owned subsidiary of Wayfare NZ.

Is Cardrona smoke free?

– Smokefree; Cardrona Alpine resort is a smoke free resort.

Is Remarkables or Cardrona better?

Coronet Peak tends to have the worst conditions and the snow is often very icy. What is better, Coronet Peak or The Remarkables? The Remarkables ski area is easily the better place to ski compared to Coronet Peak.

What day does Cardrona close?

Opening Dates & Times Summer 2021/22: December 9, 2021 – April 3, 2022 (closed Christmas Day).

Will Cardrona open?

Ski in Queenstown & Wanaka at New Zealand’s favourite ski area – Cardrona Alpine Resort. Founded in 1980, Cardrona is now open for both winter skiing & snowboarding, as well as a range of summer activities.

What is Cardrona known for?

The Cardrona Valley is famous for winter sports with world class skiing and snowboarding at Cardrona Alpine Resort(opens in new window) and cross country (Nordic) skiing at the Snow Farm.

Why is Cardrona called Cardrona?

The name was given to the area by J. T. Thomson after the Scottish village of Cardrona.

Do you need chains for Cardrona?

Both the Crown Range road and the Cardrona mountain road can be affected by snowfall, so it’s best to always carry chains and know how to use them.

How much snow does Cardrona get?

Average Annual Snowfall: 2.9m – snowmaking supplements natural snow in the Main, Captain’s, Arcadia & Valley View basins.

Which is better Cardrona or Treble Cone?

Cardrona Alpine Resort has the most reliable snow cover in New Zealand. However, Treble Cone Ski Field receives the largest amount of snowfall over the winter season. In other words, your chances of a powder day are highest at Treble Cone.

Is Coronet Peak or Remarkables better?

The Remarkables ski area is easily the better place to ski compared to Coronet Peak. The Remarkables is in a valley that protects the snow from the sun and the wind creating better conditions. It also has a cool jump park and lots of nice back-country ski areas.

What is there to do in Cardrona in the summer?

Take in the sights from the Cardrona summit Keep walking on the Captain’s Loop for more incredible views, or take a downhill stroll through the alpine daisies back to the Cardrona Base area on the Skyline trail. If you use our uphill walking trails, you can even bring your dog with you!

What is the road to Cardrona like?

It’s one of the highest roads of the country. The road to the summit, known as Cardrona Alpine Resort, is pretty steep. Starting from Cardrona, a hamlet in the Cardrona Valley, the road is 12.3km (7.64 miles) long. The elevation gain is 1.136 meters. The average gradient is 9.23%.

What altitude is Cardrona?

Mount Cardrona in Central Otago, New Zealand is 1,936 metres (6,352 feet) in height and most easily accessed from the Cardrona Ski Field. Mount Cardrona is located in the Crown Range between Wanaka and Queenstown.

What to do at Cardrona bike park?

The Cardrona Bike Park offers trails for all levels, & Mountain Bike Lessons for anyone wanting to brush up on their skills. For the explorer… Take a gondola ride to the top of the mountain & explore our hiking trails, read about local history, & see if you can spot a karearea – the New Zealand native falcon!

Where can I ride in a gondola?

Ride in a gondola cabin on the McDougall’s Chondola to the top of the mountain! McDougall’s runs every day of the summer season so everyone can experience & explore our incredible alpine environment. Buy your gondola ride pass online!

What is a gondola cruise in Costa Rica?

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Why Cardrona parks NZ?

We’re home to the legendary Cardrona Parks NZ – the Southern Hemisphere’s most extensive terrain parks & pipes. Cardrona also hosts a range of Winter Events throughout the season to showcase up & coming local talent, along with the world’s best skiers & snowboarders.