What is an example of a language group?

What is an example of a language group?

Other branches of the Indo-European language family have evolved into completely different groups. One example is the Germanic languages. Linguists generally describe Germanic languages in three groups: West Germanic, North Germanic, and East Germanic. The West Germanic group includes German, English, and Dutch.

What language is mainly spoken in Cameroon?

The census indicates that French is the most widely spoken (56% of the population), followed by English (23%) — both official languages. Only in two sub-prefectures in the Extreme North Region are other languages used in higher proportions than English and French.

How many languages are in Cameroon?

Cameroon has 260 national languages spoken by an estimated 25 million people in the 10 regions of the country. It is one of the countries the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) classifies as a distinctive cultural density on the linguistic map of the world.

What other languages are spoken in Cameroon?

Languages of Cameroon
Official French, English
National 55 Afro-Asiatic languages, two Nilo-Saharan languages, and 173 Niger–Congo languages
Signed American Sign Language (Francophone African Sign Language)
Lingua franca(s) French, English, Camfranglais, Cameroonian Pidgin English, Fulfulde, Chadian Arabic

What are the 6 main language families?

The six largest language families by language count are Niger-Congo, Austronesian, Trans-New Guinea, Sino-Tibetan, Indo-European, and Afro-Asiatic. for at least one language in the family. Each of these families has at least 5% of the world’s languages, and together account for two-thirds of all languages.

What is family in different languages?

Copied! Have you ever wanted to know how to say the word “family” in other languages?…How to Say Family in European Languages.

Language Translation Pronunciation
Norwegian familie fah-meal-yeh
Polish rodzina rowde-jheena
Portuguese família fa-meel-e-ya
Spanish familia fa-meel-e-ya

What type of English is spoken in Cameroon?

Cameroon English is an English dialect spoken predominantly in Cameroon, mostly learned as a second language. It shares some similarities with English varieties in neighbouring West Africa, as Cameroon lies at the west of Central Africa.

What is English pidgin?

Simply put, Pidgin English is a mixture of English and local languages which enables people who do not share a common language to communicate. Most African countries are made up of numerous different ethnic groups who do not necessarily have a lingua franca, so Pidgin has developed.

Does Cameroon speak Creole?

Cameroonian Pidgin English, or Cameroonian Creole (Cameroon Pidgin: Wes Cos, from West Coast), is a language variety of Cameroon. It is also known as Kamtok (from ‘Cameroon-talk’). It is primarily spoken in the North West and South West English speaking regions.

What are the top 5 language families?

What is family in African language?

Swahili. familia. fa-meel-e-ya. Xhosa.

What is the language family of English?

Indo‑Euro… languagesGermanic languagesWest Germanic languagesAnglo‑Frisi… languagesAnglic languages
English Language/Language family

What is pidgins and creoles?

A pidgin is nobody’s natural language; a creole develops as a new generation grows up speaking the pidgin as its main language. The grammar of a creole usually remains simpler than that of the parent languages, but the new language begins to develop larger vocabularies to provide for a wider range of situations.

Is Swahili spoken in Cameroon?

The most widely spoken by total number of speakers is Swahili. Most of the Niger-Congo languages have prefixes and suffixes to qualify nouns and verbs as well as words that agree with them.

How many languages family are there?

According to Ethnologue there are 7,139 living human languages distributed in 142 different language families.

What are the four main language families in Africa?

The languages of Africa break down into four large families (phyla), with an additional Austronesian family spoken in Madagascar; the four continental language families are: Niger-Congo. Nilo-Saharan. Afroasiatic.

What are the main languages in Cameroon?

Cameroon main languages and tribal dialects are (from A to G): Abar. 2,000 North West Province, Menchum Division, Wum Subdivision, Missong is center, with Munken, Abar, Ngun (Ngwen) and Za’ (Zak or Biya) villages. Alternate Africa Cameroon language names: Mijong, Missong. Afade. 5,000 in Cameroon.

Why is English so popular in Cameroon?

Due to recently economic developments and a cultural trend amongst Cameroonian youths towards a pro-American fashion, English is increasing regarded as a most-speak and highly cherished language with many french speaking Cameroonians going to great lengths to study the language.

What are the other names of Cameroon?

Alternate Cameroon Africa language names:Maka, Makya, Meka, Mekae, Mekay, Mekey, Mekye, Mika, Moka, North Makaa. 5,000. South West Province, Manyu Division, Akwaya Subdivision, Asaka, Basaka and Batanga villages.

How many Cameroonians are literate in French and English?

The nation strives toward bilingualism, but in reality very few (11.6%) Cameroonians are literate in both French and English, and 28.8% are literate in neither.