When was the P42DC built?

When was the P42DC built?

GE Genesis

Type and origin
Model P40DC, P32AC-DM, P42DC
Build date 1992–2001
Total produced 321
Number rebuilt 19

How fast do via rails go?

VIA Rail says reliability, speed and frequency would improve Those speeds are faster than the current maximum of approximately 160 km/h for VIA Rail trains. Modern high speed rail lines are capable of at least 250 km/h.

How much horsepower does locomotive engine have?

“Most electric locomotives weigh between 100 and 200 short tons (90 and 180 metric tons) and provide about 6000 to 7000 horsepower (4500 to 5200 kilowatts).”

How much horsepower does an Amtrak train have?

4,400 horsepower
Capable of speeds up to 125 MPH, the locomotives will have 4,400 horsepower capable 16-cylinder Cummins QSK95 diesel engines with modern control systems and Alternating Current (AC) propulsion.

Why is via rail so slow?

“The delays occur because, unlike Amtrak, VIA has no statutory right of preference over freight trains, meaning it can and often is delayed when CN freight trains are given priority. (Emphasis mine.) It is not a new problem; News Wire reported last year on a Canadian that arrived more than 24 hours late.”

Why does Canada not have high speed trains?

This failure is largely due to government interference and lack of political will. Passenger rail the world over requires subsidies for operating costs and capital improvements, but Canadian governments have cut back VIA since its founding in 1977.

How much fuel does an Amtrak train use?

Results of the tests showed that the average fuel consumption for the 157.7 mile trip was 368 gallons and that the average fuel use efficiency was 277 ton-miles per gallon. Fuel consumption and fuel use efficiency were found to increase consistently with increasing train tonnage.

Does VIA Rail lose money?

But Via’s average annual operating loss in the four years prior to the pandemic was about $272-million – all of it covered by Ottawa. And, in 2019, its trains were on time only 68 per cent of the time. It’s a terrible performance, but Via argues it’s not to blame.

How much horsepower does a P42DC have?

The P42DC ( GENESIS Series I) is the successor model to the P40DC. It has an engine output of 4,250 horsepower (3,170 kW) at 1047 rpm, or 3,550 horsepower (2,650 kW) when running in HEP mode (900 rpm) with a 0 kW HEP load.

What happened to Amtrak P42DC P32?

Amtrak P42DC #32 was the final P42DC and final member of the Genesis series to wear Amtrak’s Phase III paint. The P42DCs were Amtrak’s only Genesis units to be built wearing Amtrak’s Phase V paint.

What kind of paint does Amtrak use on P42DC?

The P42DCs were Amtrak’s only Genesis units to be built wearing Amtrak’s Phase V paint. One Amtrak P40DC was painted in an exclusive scheme celebrating the anniversary of the US Postal Service and Amtrak’s service to the organization.