Who wore number 8 in the NFL?

Who wore number 8 in the NFL?

Top Ten of Jersey 8 Steve Young. Larry Wilson. Troy Aikman. Ray Guy.

Who was the best NFL player in 2008?

Drew Brees
2008 Leaders

1. Drew Brees • NOR 635
2. Jay Cutler • DEN 616
3. Kurt Warner • ARI 598
4. Donovan McNabb • PHI 571
5. Peyton Manning • IND 555

Who retired in 2008 NFL?

retired players in the 2008 NFL

Husain Abdullah 2008 0
Victor Abiamiri 2008 0
John Abraham 2008 0
Anthony Adams 2008 0

What number was Marvin Harrison?

88Marvin Harrison / Number (Indianapolis Colts / Wide receiver)

Who is number 8 in football?

Number 8 shirt The No. 8 is also meant for box-to-box midfielders, those who are capable of linking up play and shifting the tone of the game from defence to attack. Former Liverpool captain Steven Gerrard, remembered as one of the greatest English attacking midfielders, is a classic example of the No. 8 player.

Who is the greatest NFL player ever?

Who’s the Greatest NFL Player of All Time?

  • Joe Montana.
  • John Unitas.
  • Patrick Mahomes.
  • Joe Greene.
  • Ronnie Lott.
  • Sammy Baugh.
  • Emmitt Smith.
  • Randy Moss.

What pick was Reggie Wayne?

30th overall
Draft: Indianapolis Colts in the 1st round (30th overall) of the 2001 NFL Draft.

What crime did Marvin Harrison commit?

Marvin Harrison In 2009, Marvin Harrison was involved in two separate altercations with a known drug dealer in Philadelphia because the former Indianapolis Colts receiver wouldn’t allow him into the sports bar that he owned. Later that day, Dwight Dixon was shot multiple times by a gun owned by Marvin Harrison.

Who is number 8 in Football?

What QB wears number 8?

8: Matt Schaub. This looked to be Schaub’s year before his season-ending injury. The Texans were flying high with a pounding running game, a dominant defense and one of the most underrated quarterbacks in the league.

Is number 8 a good football number?

In principle, eight was the number of the players who in the midfield occupied the position of a central midfielder or organizing midfielder. Those football players with good technique and very tactical, who with a lot of dynamics and speed, contributed fluidity in the ball control and game occasions.