How does a NuVinci hub work?

How does a NuVinci hub work?

The NuVinci is a Constantly Variable Planetary gear (CVP) meaning there are no fixed ratios: you control the hub from a twist grip shifter as you normally would, but instead of selecting gears the shifter moves a ring of rotating balls which continuously adjust the relationship between the input and output of the hub.

What is stepless gear?

With a stepless gear you do not have to deal with a fixed number of gears. The number of gears is infinite! By means of a rotary switch on the handlebar you determine how light or hard you pedal. This allows you to accelerate very gradually and intuitively.

What is Enviolo hub?

The Enviolo Rear Hub system is a continuously variable transmission for an Electric Bike or eBike.

Who uses toroidal CVT?

Nissan is the world’s first automaker to bring the unique, “toroidal” CVT to production, although other automakers appear to have imminent production plans for similar toroidal CVT technology. Mazda Motor Corp., for one, also unveiled a toroidal-type CVT here.

How does internally geared hub work?

An interlocking set of gears, called a planetary system, helps you ride up a hill—or go faster on a flat. Depending on the gear, the driver unit either first spins outer ring gears, or the planetary gears deeper in the hub, rotating around sun gears near the center.

When should I clean my CVT?

Clean the system, as dirt may damage the components and affect driving comfort. Refer to your owner’s manual to know when your scooter needs CVT maintenance. Some manufacturers recommend a service after every 8 thousand kilometers and replacement after up to 24 thousand kilometers.

What is the difference between a NuVinci and a hub gear?

In contrast to conventional hub gears, there are no predefined gear ratios or fixed gears, On a NuVinci, you can choose your ideal gear completely freely and sensitively or even let the electronics control it fully automatically. Who should use the Enviolo NuVinci?

Can I use the NuVinci® components in my bicycle?

The NuVinci Technology components sold herewith are to be used only in the rear wheel of a bicycle for usual and customary rear hub purposes and in accordance with the accompanying instructions. You agree not to use the NuVinci ®

How does the Nuvinci N360 shifter work?

THE NUVINCI®N360 SYSTEM 2 NuVinci N360 Shifter Controlling the ratio of the N360 is simply a matter of rotating the shifter grip. The shifter display indicates ratio as a simple graphic; a hill for slower speeds and a flat for faster speeds. Since there are no fixed gears, the exact ratio is determined by your comfort level.

What is an en Violo NuVinci gear hub?

For all e-bike riders, an Enviolo NuVinci gear hub takes cycling to the next level and offers a completely new and modern way of shifting. The combination of electric motor, toothed belt drive and Enviolo NuVinci hub gear actually fulfills the wish for a maintenance-free bicycle ride.