What are Kansas motorcycle clubs?

What are Kansas motorcycle clubs?

Motorcycle Clubs and Groups

  • Kansas City Vulcan Riders Chapter 1-44.
  • Great Plains Victory Riders Chapter.
  • GWTA Eastern Kansas Tour Riders Kansas Chapter B.
  • Rebel Roses Motorcycle Club.
  • Jackpine Gypsies Motorcycle Club.
  • Liberty Touring and Riding Association.
  • Romans Road Riders.

What MC runs Missouri?

Here in Missouri, two smaller, one-percenter clubs operate; the El Forastero and the Galloping Goose. Conklin calls both “Hells Angels friendly”. “When the Hells Angels show up down at the Lake of the Ozarks or at Branson, wherever they come for their USA run, the Galloping Goose and the El Forestaros always show up.

What is El forastero motorcycle club?

El Forastero Motorcycle Club (EFMC) is a one-percenter motorcycle club which was established after being turned down for a chapter by the Satan Slaves MC.

Who are the El Forasteros?

The El Forasteros are well known for their criminal activities, and are considered by law enforcement to be among the many second-tier, after the ” Big Four ” gangs, outlaw motorcycle gangs operated as organized crime enterprises. Its early members included the renowned biker artist Dave Mann. The name of the club means “the outsider” in Spanish.

Are El Forastero and Galloping Goose motorcycle club brothers?

It is said that El Forastero Motorcycle Club gave Galloping Goose Motorcycle Club their first one percenter patch, making them brother clubs. They are known allies and share a clubhouse with them in Kansas City, a chapter which was founded by artist David Mann (see further down in this article) and a black biker known at the time as Nigger Sam.

What happened to El Forastero member William Eneff?

El Forastero member William Eneff received a sentence of seven years in federal prison without parole after pleading guilty conspiracy to distribute methamphetamine.