What is Aqua map?

What is Aqua map?

The Aqua Map app provides to the user an amazingly clear Nautical Chart using the full power of the Retina display, with intuitive realistic symbols and colors.

How much does Aquamap cost?

Aqua Map has added a feature set called Aqua Map Master, available as a $10 per year add-on. Master includes the ability to display Army Corp of Engineers (USACE) surveys overlayed onto your charts. Master also includes Route Explorer and the ability to display AIS and instrument data display.

Is there an app for Lake Navigation?

Navionics. Navionics lays claim to being the most popular boating app available, and its navigational features and functions are comprehensive, to say the least.

Is there an app that shows water depth?

Just about everyone I know has the Navionics app on their phone or tablet. It is a great way to instantly check out the bottom contours of the lake you are fishing or one that you plan to go to. It is really accurate and helps me find depth changes, humps, underwater points and much more.

What is GEC account?

The GEC Account has 2 main purposes: allows to share all your Aqua Map charts with 5 different devices (Apple and Android). allows to store/retrieve your marker, tracks and routes with the GEC Archive. NOTE: this is not a sort of Cloud where the local data are automatically saved.

How do I download bob423 tracks?

To download a track, tap the track selected once, it will turn blue. Then tap on the download icon to see the download screen. This is the next screen you will see. It defaults to the last app downloaded to.

How long does it take to travel 1 mile by boat?

How long does it take to travel 1 mile by boat? If your boat is moving a mile an hour it will take an hour for you to travel a mile. On the other hand if you happen to be in one of those cigarette speed racing boats that can go as much as 60 miles per hour it would only take you a minute to cover a mile.

What is the Aqua map home page?

Welcome to the Aqua Map Home page, the starting point for your Boating activities with a Mobile device. Aqua Map – Marine & Lake Nautical charts App Charts Viewer Contact us FAQ

What kind of charts does NOAA have for the Great Lakes?

All NOAA Nautical charts merged into a seamless map for the best offshore boating and fishing. This product include also the Great Lakes and US major navigable rivers (click below for a complete list of available rivers). Now integrated over 9500 lake maps with depth contours for most of the states.

What is Aqua map and terra map Account Manager tool?

This is the official Aqua Map and Terra Map account manager tool. The GEC Account manager is a tool to archive and organize all your GPS Routes, Tracks and Markers files. Plan at home your next trip, send it to your Aqua Map or Terra Map and share the itinerary with your friends.