What is the main train station in Helsinki?

What is the main train station in Helsinki?

Helsinki Central Station
Helsinki Central Station (Finnish: Helsingin päärautatieasema, Swedish: Helsingfors centralstation) (HEC) is the main station for commuter rail and long-distance trains departing from Helsinki, Finland. The station is used by approximately 400,000 people per day, of which about 200,000 are passengers.

Who designed Helsinki train station?

Eliel SaarinenHelsingin päärautatieasema / ArchitectGottlieb Eliel Saarinen was a Finnish-American architect known for his work with art nouveau buildings in the early years of the 20th century. He was also the father of famed architect Eero Saarinen. Wikipedia

Where is rautatieasema?

Helsinki Central railway station (Finnish: Helsingin rautatieasema) is a widely recognised landmark in central Helsinki, Finland, and the focal point of public transport in the Greater Helsinki area.

When was Helsinki railway station built?

The Helsinki Central railway station, a pearl among Helsinki’s art nouveau buildings, was designed by Eliel Saarinen and opened in 1919. The construction of the Central Station was however started already in 1905. The station is used by approximately 200,000 passengers daily, making it Finland’s most-visited building.

How far is Helsinki Airport from train station?

The distance between Helsinki Central Station and Helsinki Airport (HEL) is 16 km. The road distance is 19.2 km.

How much is the train from Helsinki to St Petersburg?

Helsinki to St. Petersburg Train Price & Schedule

Train Travel time Price from
Allegro train 3 h 30 min 100 €
​Allegro train 3 h 30 min ​100 €
​Allegro train ​3 h 30 min ​100 €

Is Helsinki Central Station in Finland was a result of a design competition?

In 1904 a contest was organized for a new station. The contest received 21 entries, and was won by Saarinen, with a pure national romantic design, which sparked a vigorous debate about the architecture of the main public buildings, with demands for a modern and rational style.

Is there luggage storage at Helsinki train station?

Luggage storages in Helsinki Central Station can be found at the north end in the west wing and by the entrance to Elielinaukio Square. The luggage lockers accept € 0.50 and € 1 and € 2 coins. The luggage can be stored up to 24 hours. 05:00–22.30 every day.

How do I get from Helsinki Airport to the train station?

The best way to get from Helsinki Central Station to Helsinki Airport (HEL) is to train which takes 27 min and costs €2 – €5. Alternatively, you can line 615 bus, which costs €5 – €6 and takes 42 min.

How much is a taxi from Helsinki Airport to the city?

The average taxi ride into central Helsinki takes around 30 minutes to cover the 17 km distance from the airport and a journey in Helsinki Vantaa Airport taxis will cost between EUR 40.00 to EUR 50.00 to city center destinations.

Do I need visa for St. Petersburg?

Most foreign nationals need a visa to travel to St Petersburg in Russia. Citizens of just a few countries can visit Russia without a visa for a limited period. The quickest and most convenient option for travelers is the unified Russian eVisa: the application process is available 100% online.

Is public transport free in Finland?

Public transport in Tallinn, Estonia has been free since 2013 but that’s not likely to happen in Finland any time soon.

Is public transportation free in Helsinki?

Single tickets and day tickets can be purchased using the HSL mobile app or from HSL ticket machines, R-kiosks and many other sales points. throughout the city. Helsinki Card holders can travel free of charge on buses. Long-distance buses depart from the Kamppi bus terminal.

How much is a taxi from Helsinki Airport to city Centre?

What is Helsinki VR?

Virtual Helsinki – launched in late 2018 – is the physical capital’s digital twin. It was built using 3D modelling from open data (supplied by the city), as well as drawings and images. It allows users to experience key landmarks as they choose, and it claims to be one of the world’s most realistic VR experiences.