Can you use FRONTLINE SPRAY on cats?

Can you use FRONTLINE SPRAY on cats?

Trusted protection against fleas and ticks FRONTLINE SPRAY protects cats and dogs against fleas and ticks, including paralysis ticks. It can be used on puppies and kittens from 2 days of age. To protect against adult fleas, apply every 12 weeks for dogs and every 8 weeks for cats.

How do you get rid of fleas on a long haired cat?

Comb your cat with a fine-toothed metal flea comb from head to tail several times a day. This will skim off adult fleas and their eggs and ease their itching. Then, dip the comb in a mixture of warm to hot water and liquid dish detergent to kill the fleas.

What happens if my cat licks Frontline spray?

Drooly Kitty Luckily, the main active ingredient in Frontline is fipronil, which is not lethal if ingested. The medication’s taste usually causes the most notable reaction, as the cat’s mouth waters to get rid of the foul flavor. She’ll drool excessively, like foaming-at-the-mouth type of waterfall drool.

How long does it take for Frontline spray to work?

18 hours
How long does it take for Frontline Spray to work? One spray session will rid your pet of fleas within 18 hours, ticks within 48 hours, and lasts for 30 days. The medicine kills adult fleas, prevents reproduction, and stops existing flea infestations.

Is it harder for long hair cats to get fleas?

Fleas on a long-haired cat are a PITA to get rid of, as I know from personal experience (thanks, ex-flatmate!!), partly because there is more fur for them to hide in and also because it’s difficult to get the treatment properly on to the skin of long-hairs (especially if they have a double coat).

Does flea treatment work on long-haired cats?

It’s important with long-haired animals to make sure you dig through the hair enough to get to the skin, so the product can work effectively. The liquid treatment usually spreads throughout the animal on its own with the oils of your pet’s skin, and kills fleas when they come in contact with the mixture.

Is Frontline spray effective?

Frontline Spray reviews rate 4.5+ out of 5 stars. Most reviewers say that Frontline Spray is an effective problem solver for their tiny parasite control problem for their pets.


What is the best flea spray to use on cats?

The 10 Best Flea Spray for Cats — Reviews 2022

  1. Frontline Flea Spray — Best Overall.
  2. Vet’s Best Cat Flea & Tick Home Spray — Best Value.
  3. Cedarcide Original Biting Insect Cat Spray — Premium Choice.
  4. Natural Care Cat Flea & Tick Spray.
  5. Adams Plus Flea & Tick Pet Spray.
  6. Bayer Advantage Flea Treatment Spray.

Should I shave my long-haired cat fleas?

Alison Thomas, Head of Veterinary Services at Blue Cross, said: “Shaving a cat to get rid of fleas is very unlikely to be successful and there is a risk of causing trauma and even cuts to the skin when attempting this in the home setting.

How can I tell if my long-haired cat has fleas?

Here are 10 classic signs of fleas in cats.

  1. 1 Intense and Frantic Scratching or Biting.
  2. 2 Excessive Grooming and Hair Loss.
  3. 3 Avoiding Certain Parts of Your Home.
  4. 4 Agitation, Edginess and Restlessness.
  5. 5 Red Skin Lesions or Scab-like Bumps.
  6. 6 Muscle Loss, Pale Gums and Lethargy.
  7. 7 Tiny Pepper-Like Specks on Your Cat’s Fur.

What is the best flea treatment for a long-haired cat?

The best overall flea treatment is Revolution Plus Topical Solution for Cats, which kills fleas and provides preventative protection. To clean up an infestation, such as fleas spread to your cat’s bed, check out Virbac Knockout Area Treatment Spray.

How often can I apply Frontline spray?

FRONTLINE PLUS FOR DOGS should be applied every 2 weeks for control of paralysis ticks on dogs, or every month for control of brown dog ticks. FRONTLINE SPRAY should be applied every 3 weeks for control of paralysis ticks on cats and dogs, or every month for the control of brown dog ticks.

Is Frontline Spray effective?

No. FRONTLINE is a flea treatment that affects fleas when they are exposed to the active ingredient on your pet’s coat. Unfortunately, there is no product on the market that effectively repels fleas or kills fleas instantly.

How long does it take for Frontline Spray to work?

How often can you apply frontline to cats?

If your pet goes swimming or is bathed more than once a week, we recommend you apply FRONTLINE Spot On every four weeks. Can cats still get fleas after being treated?

Is frontline harmful to cats if they lick it?

Is Frontline Safe For Cats If Licked? Cats are compulsive groomers, and if your cat feels something wet on her fur, she will lick it. She just can’t help herself. Luckily, the main active ingredient in Frontline is fipronil, which is not lethal if ingested.

What is the cost to use frontline on cats?

The cat dose is 0.5ml while the small dog dose is 0.67ml. I do use dog frontline on my cats because of the reduced cost but you have to be certain that you are not giving too much. What I do is I use a syringe with a needle, stick it through the back of the pipette and draw up .5ml (which is the same as .5cc).

Does frontline really work for fleas on cats?

Frontline should be effective on its own to treat fleas and ticks. A flea bath or dip is not necessary. Do not let your cat or dog swim for 48 hours after applying Frontline. Reapply Frontline as necessary. Frontline is effective for 8 weeks for dogs, and 6 weeks for cats. Mark on your calendar when you applied Frontline.