What are the sizes of boom lifts?

What are the sizes of boom lifts?

The smallest models are 40 feet tall, while the largest telescopic boom lifts are 180 feet tall. A 40-foot machine has a maximum range or horizontal reach of about 34 feet, and a 120-foot boom lift has a range of 75 feet.

What is the biggest boom lift you can get?

The biggest boom lift is the JLG 1850SJ Ultra Series Telescopic Boom. Made by JLG, a global producer of aerial lifts, the 1850SJ is a sight to behold. At full height, it can extend to 185 ft. (Technically, the tallest boom lift can reach 185 feet and 7 inches, with a staggering 80 feet of horizontal outreach.

How much does a lift boom cost?

A standard 30- to 40-foot boom lift costs between $25,000 to $75,000. Even if you buy used, you could still expect to pay $20,000 to $40,000. If you need a large boom lift, expect to pay $100,000 to $200,000 brand new.

How much does a 135 foot boom lift weight?

Key Specs

General Specifications
Capacity – Hydraulic Reservoir 250 L / 66 gal.
Ground Bearing Pressure 7.52 Kg/cm2
Machine Weight 20411 kg / 44998.6 lb
Machine Weight 20400 kg / 44974.3 lb

How much does a 120 ft boom lift weight?

40,900 lb

Weight 40,900 lb
Max Drive Speed 3.3 mph
Gradeability 45%
Platform Size 3 x 8 ft

How high does an ultra boom go?

JLG Industries launched its 1850SJ Ultra boom with nearly three million cubic feet of reachable space. With a working height over 185 feet, this is the second boom introduced within the past year to reach 180 feet or above.

How much does a genie 135 70 weigh?


Max. Working Height 43.15m
Weight 21,092kg
Travel Width 2.46m
Lifting Mechanism Articulated Boom
Chassis Type RT Diesel Self propelled

How much does a boom lift weight?

Key Specs

Capacity – Hydraulic Reservoir 36 gal. / 136.27 L
Maximum Ground Bearing Pressure 58 psi / 4.06 Kg/cm2
Machine Weight 14520 lb / 6586.16 kg

How high can a boom truck reach?

Standard boom trucks, cherry pickers, and bucket trucks from competing brands have a limited reach in height, maxing out at just 185 feet.

How heavy is a 60 foot boom lift?

Telescopic Boom Lift The Genie S-60 J is compact, low-weight design (16,650 lb / 7,550 kg) keeps ground pressure low when operators are working in more sensitive ground conditions.

What is the biggest boom?

1850SJ Ultra Boom
26 Feb 20 Snorkel is bringing out the world’s largest self-propelled boom lift, reaching a height of 210 feet, or 64 metres. Six years ago at Conexpo 2014 JLG broke records with its 185ft 1850SJ Ultra Boom.

How much does a 60 foot boom lift weight?

Telescopic Boom Lift Specifications

Engine Power Option Dual Fuel
Dimensions Overall Length 27 ft 9 in
Ground Clearance 1 ft 2.5 in
Turning Radius 18 ft 2 in
Operational Operating Weight 20,570 lbs

How high can a telescopic boom lift lift go?

Telescopic Boom Lifts. Straight boom provides greatest horizontal reach. Choose from our large selection of telescopic boom lifts that feature platform heights from 40 ft to 185 ft and platform capacities up to 1,000 lb.

What are the different types of boom lifts?

Boom lift specifications vary widely, so it’s important to understand the needs of a particular job before specing out your equipment. Both articulating boom lifts and telescopic boom lifts can tackle tough jobs.

Why choose an engine powered boom lift?

Our engine powered boom lifts, known to some as cherry pickers, give you the reach and power necessary for the best outdoor performance. Boom lift specifications vary widely, so it’s important to understand the needs of a particular job before specing out your equipment.

What is an articulating boom lift?

Articulating Boom Lifts are aerial work platforms with multiple sections that “articulate,” allowing the user to gain access to work areas that may be blocked by barriers or obstacles. Also known as “Knuckle Booms,” these units are very versatile and work well in areas with hard to reach places.