What is the 48 month rule with GI Bill?

What is the 48 month rule with GI Bill?

help eligible Veterans maximize their education benefits. Now, Veterans who use Veteran Readiness and Employment (VR&E) benefits prior to using any other VA education program, such as the Montgomery GI Bill or Post-9/11 GI Bill, can still use up to 48 total months of the other educational assistance benefit programs.

How long does it take VA to process Post 911 GI Bill?

within 30 days
We usually process applications within 30 days.

Can you extend Post-9/11 GI Bill?

If you were discharged before January 1, 2013, your Post-9/11 GI Bill benefits expire 15 years after you separated from the military. Montgomery GI Bill benefits expire 10 years after you separate from the military. But you may qualify for an extension of these benefits.

Do you have to pay back GI Bill if you withdraw?

No. If you finished the class, you won’t have to pay back the GI Bill benefits you used for that class. This is because we count a failing grade (or “punitive grade”) as progress toward graduation requirements even though you don’t get any credit for it.

Can I use my GI Bill if I owe money?

If the debt is not completely paid, we will transfer the remaining amount of the debt to the new benefit program and the payments under the new benefit program will be reduced until the debt is paid in full.

What is 50% of Post 911 GI Bill?

A: Because of your 50% Post 9/11 GI Bill eligibility, the VA would only pay 50% of your $1,430 monthly amount directly to your school. The other half would be your responsibility to pay from other financial sources. You would also only get 50% of the housing allowance amount calculated for your school’s zip code.

Does your GI Bill run out?

What happens if I fail all my classes GI Bill?

Attending classes is one of the requirements for receiving GI Bill benefits. If you don’t attend, you don’t get any money. If you stop attending class, the VA will stop your GI Bill payments retroactive to the beginning date of the term. You will most likely end up owing a lot of money to both the VA and the school.