What is the zip code of Oshodi Lagos?

What is the zip code of Oshodi Lagos?

Postal Code for Oshodi, Lagos

Street Postcode Area
Akinsoji Street 100261 Oshodi
Akinyemi Cr 100261 Oshodi
Alade Street 100261 Oshodi
Alagbede Cr 100261 Oshodi

What is Isolo postcode?

Isolo, Lagos, Lagos, Lagos, Lagos is located in Nigeria. Its zip code is 100263.

What is the zip code okota?

Olota: 100341. Olute/ Navy Town: 102341. Onike: 100213.

What is ilasamaja postal code?

Ilasamaja area Postal Codes is 100263. this area is located in Mushin LGA, Lagos state, South West Geopolitical Zone of Nigeria.

What is Cook Islands zip code?

Cook Islands uses no postal code system.

What is okota postcode?

What local government is okota under?

Oshodi Local Government
Okota is in Lagos State. Okota is an area of Lagos in Lagos State, Southwest Nigeria. It is a local council development area (LCDA) under the Oshodi Local Government. Oshodi Isolo local government area is one of the twenty LGAs that make up Lagos state, South-west geopolitical zone of Nigeria.

Under which local government is Ajao estate?

Oshodi/Isolo local government area
For many years, residents and business operators in Ajao Estate, located in Oshodi/Isolo local government area of Lagos State, have being living in abandonment…

What is the postal code for Chevron Drive Lekki?

Lekki postal code: 105102.

Which country code is 682?

Cook Islands Country
Cook Islands Country Code 682 – Worldometer.

What is New Zealand ZIP code?

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Country Town/City Zipcode
New Zealand Athol 9749
New Zealand Atiamuri 3078
New Zealand Auckland 1150
New Zealand Auckland 1148

What is the meaning of Oshodi?

the royal chamberlain
He was called Oshodi meaning – the royal chamberlain – tasked with the wellbeing of the king’s wives. A great position of trust and kindliness it was.”