How do you get a Curly Brace in Cave Story?

How do you get a Curly Brace in Cave Story?

Curly Story Upon reloading, Quote’s sprite on the menu select cursor is replaced with Curly Brace, and she becomes a playable character in any of the challenges.

How do I keep curly alive in Cave Story?

Close your inventory and speak to Ma Pignon to initiate a battle. Whoop her fungal butt. After the battle, take Ma Pignon back to Curly in the Plantation and shove her into Curly’s mouth. This will restore Curly’s memories.

How do you get a booster v2 0 in Cave Story?

In order to acquire the Booster v2. 0, Quote must not collect the Booster v0. 8 from Professor Booster in Labyrinth B, this can be achieved by making a precise running jump over the gap separating Quote from the entrance to the Boulder Chamber.

What difficulty is curly story?

Curly Story is a bonus mode in the Cave Story ports developed by Nicalis. It is basically Cave Story with the difficulty mode Normal – however, you are playing as Curly.

What is the max health in Cave Story?

If all of the Life Capsules are grabbed, the maximum amount of HP is 50 (55 if the Blood Stained Sanctuary is accessed). Description: ‘A life capsule. ‘ If in inventory.

How do you fight Ma Pignon?

Combat. Unless attached to the wall, Ma Pignon can be damaged at any point in the battle, though its front becomes armored while charging forward. The missiles and blade do no damage, but any other weapon may be used.

How do you get the good ending in Cave Story Plus?

Talk to Ma Pignon, defeat it and feed it to Curly in the Plantation to get the Iron Bond. After defeating the Undead Core, use the trap door in the prefab building to enter the Blood Stained Sanctuary. Finish this area for the “Best Ending.” And voila!

Where is Jenka Cave Story?

Jenka (ジェンカ Jenka) is an elderly witch who resides in the Sand Zone. In Cave Story, she sends the player on a mission to find and bring back her five puppies.

How do you get more HP in Cave Story?

In Cave Story 3D, there is a gradual increase in the amount of possible HP. Most of the new HP is granted to the player by interacting with NPCs, such as when returning a dog to Jenka, Quote receives more HP.

Who is curly brace in Cave Story?

Curly Brace (カーリーブレイス Kârî Bureisu ) is the deuteragonist of Cave Story, who was also the game’s third boss. She, like Quote, is a soldier robot who was sent to the Island to destroy the dark power hidden there. Like Quote, she can wield a wide variety of weapons without any special training, and can withstand incredible amounts of damage.

What is curly story Cave Story?

Curly Story is an alternate mode in Cave Story , exclusively available on the WiiWare, Cave Story+, Nintendo Switch, and Nintendo 3DS download versions of the game, excluding Cave Story 3D. Curly Brace is introduced in place of Quote ‘s original role and would take on sequences performed by the player.

What is the difference between curly brace and quote?

In the beta-version of Cave Story, Curly Brace was the name of the female android protagonist, but had Quote’s sprites with a different color-scheme. Curly, like Quote, is named after a punctuation mark often used in programming. In the original Story Mode, Curly Brace’s antenna are green, but in Curly Story, they are purple.

How do you unlock Curly’s panties in Cave Story+?

To unlock this mode in Cave Story+, the player has to find Curly’s Panties. Despite remaining relatively silent, Quote speaks a line after Curly feeds him Ma Pignon: ” Curly!