Is Ihavanas com legit?

Is Ihavanas com legit?

They are selling fake Cuban cigars. Avoid at all costs.

Where is Ihavanas located?

About us. Located in the duty free zone in Switzerland, all our cigars are shipped from a totally climate controlled bonded warehouse.

What is Ihavanas?

Ihavanas. Online retailer of premium cigars. Free worldwide shipping. Guaranteed delivery.

Do Ihavanas accept Mastercard?

Q. What credit cards do you accept? A. We are able to process Visa, Mastercard & Unionpay.

Does Montefortuna sell real Cubans?

Our presence in Cuba ensures the quality and authenticity of our product making Montefortuna Cigars the most reliable online shop where to buy Cuban Cigars online. The boxes we provide come with the original Habanos seal and bar code which you can check in the Habanos authenticity system.

What happens if you get caught selling Cuban cigars?

The cigars can (and likely will) be seized. You also may face civil fines of up to $50,000. In some circumstances, you could even face a criminal trial resulting in jail time.

How long does Montefortuna take to ship?

between 24-48 hrs
Normally orders take between 24-48 hrs to ship. Sometimes it can take more if there is a weekend in between (we can’t ship during the weekends). Sometimes it might take longer if we have a huge order backlog.

Can you buy Cuban cigars online and ship to US 2021?

Can you buy Cuban cigars online and ship to US in 2021? A. You can’t order Cuban rum and Cuban cigars on Amazon or any other internet website based in the USA but Mail Cuban Cigars is one of the most distinguished online vendors of Authentic Habanos Cuban Cigars for the discerning Cigar Aficionado like you!

Does ihavanas call you?

IHavanas will never call you (as stated in one fake review), all communication will be via email. Why would I not be willing to send IHavanas photos of damaged cigars?

Is the ihavanas in Cuba legit?

Both ihavanas and puro (cigar export) are legit. It is the quality of the product that needs to pass muster. Cigars leave Cuba in mastercases of approximately 52 boxes containing 1300 cigars +/-. Large wholesalers open the mastercases and sort cigars according to quality with the top 1/3 of the inventory going to special places while the

Does ihavanas ship moldy cigars?

I reached out to iHavanas to inform them they were shipping old, prone to mold cigars. A rep named Bryan replied, giving me a science lecture on mold and that it is everywhere (thanks for the revelation!). And then proceeds to offer customer service that involved me wiping the mold off and smoking the cigars.

Is ihavanas GTG?

IHavanas is gtg. Verified by visa is a requirement on most online purchases isn’t it? If you have not registered for it before, you do have to verify it is actually you registering. ยท 6y Cuba or BUST.