What media does Raymond Pettibon use?

What media does Raymond Pettibon use?

DrawingInstallation artVideo art
Raymond Pettibon/Forms

Who did the art for Black Flag?

Raymond Pettibon
Art by Raymond Pettibon. Black Flag released their first EP Nervous Breakdown in 1979. It was the first real recordings of Black Flag’s music, and although they only pressed 2,000 copies, the band had something physical that they could send to promoters and venues. It was short, raucous, and angry.

What is Raymond Pettibon known for?

Raymond Pettibon is a contemporary American artist known for his stylized ink drawings combining images and text.

Who did Sonic Youth Goo art?

Sonic Youth made their major label debut with Goo. An indie past was preserved with the inclusion of cover art by SST artist, Raymond Pettibon. The simple black and white drawing looked more like a demo tape than a corporate release.

Who is Sage Vaughn?

Painter and illustrator Sage Vaughn was born in 1976 in Oregon, USA, and is currently based in Los Angeles. He was raised in California, where he started to spray graffiti in the San Fernando Valley as a teen. Vaughn’s father was a painter, too and used to take him to the zoo to sketch animals together.

What does Pettibon mean?

The name Pettibon is rooted in the ancient Anglo-Saxon culture. It was a name for someone who was a small person. The surname Pettibon originally derived from the Old French word Petit which referred to small or tiny.

Who designed the black flag logo?

artist Raymond Pettibon
Created by artist Raymond Pettibon, brother of Black Flag guitarist Greg Ginn, the logo has inspired countless other bands and established the guys as a group with artistic as well as musical sensibilities.

What is the point of buying art in Black Flag?

It’s only purpose is to decorate your home. It doesn’t count towards 100% synchronization and there isn’t an Achievement/Trophy tied to them. So besides being a decoration at your house, they are pointless.

Who drew the Sonic Youth album cover?

The album’s cover features a photograph of a plush toy taken by Mike Kelley, a friend of Kim Gordon’s who is considered to be one of the most influential American artists in the last half century. His work often contains drawings, collages, performances, video, and miniatures.

Who designed Sonic Youth album covers?

Sonic Youth, Raymond Pettibon. Goo. 1990 | MoMA.

How do you spell Pettibone?

Pettibone, Texas – Pettibone is an unincorporated community in Milam County, Texas, United States.

Who is on the cover of Evol Sonic Youth?

actress Lung Leg
The album cover features a picture of model/actress Lung Leg, a still taken from Submit to Me. Leg had previously appeared in the “Death Valley ’69” music video. The back cover shows a black-and-white picture of the band in a heart-shaped frame.

Is goo a good album?

Select writer Russell Brown felt that the album “bursts with a sense of the unexpected” and praised it as “bitchin’ good art”. Since Goo was first released, it has been viewed as one of the greatest and most important alternative rock records of all time, as well as a culturally significant work.

Who designed the Goo album cover?

Sonic Youth with Raymond Pettibon Goo 1990 with 245 other works online. Raymond Pettibon has 332 works online. Sonic Youth has 7 works online.

Where does the last name Pettibone come from?

The origins of the Pettibone surname date from the ancient Anglo-Saxon culture of Britain. Their name originated with an early member who was a small person. The surname Pettibone originally derived from the Old French word Petit which referred to small or tiny.

Who is Raymond Pettibon?

Raymond Pettibon. Jump to navigation Jump to search. American artist. Raymond Pettibon (born Raymond Ginn; June 16, 1957 in Tucson, Arizona) is an American artist who lives and works in New York City.

Where did Raymond Pettibon get his inspiration?

Raymond Pettibon emerged from Southern California DIY culture and its punk-rock sensibility, and his work still embraces a youthful edginess and sense of political engagement. Drawing from disparate cultural sources—which range from Marcel Proust …

What kind of art does Peter Pettibon do?

In addition to his works on paper, Pettibon has also made animations from his drawings, live action films from his own scripts, unique artist’s books, fanzines, prints, and large permanent wall drawings that often include an arrangement of his own works on paper almost creating an installation of collage.

What is in the Pettibon collection?

New and existing works by Pettibon have been reinterpreted for the collection as prints, embroideries, knits, and jacquards. The centerpiece of the show is a beaded shirt featuring the artist’s drawing No Title (She must know).