WHO said the first cut is the deepest?

WHO said the first cut is the deepest?

Cat Stevens
The song has been widely recorded and has become a hit single for seven different artists: P. P. Arnold (1967), Keith Hampshire (1973), Rod Stewart (1977), Dawn Penn (1994), Papa Dee (1995) and Sheryl Crow (2003)….The First Cut Is the Deepest.

“The First Cut Is the Deepest”
Song by Cat Stevens
Recorded October 1967
Length 3:03
Label Deram, Decca

Is it true that the first cut is the deepest?

It’s not. One’s first love may be the deepest until they encounter another more intense, more emotional relationship. Or even until they meet their true love. Once you meet your true love that will cut deep.

Who wrote the first cut?

Cat StevensThe First Cut Is the Deepest / Lyricist

Who Wrote The First Cut is the Deepest PP Arnold?

Cat StevensThe First Cut Is the Deepest / Composer

What is meant by first cut?

Explanation: In this context the term refers to the first draft (or first copy) of a document, which is to be subsequently edited or revised.

What does First Cut steak mean?

First cut sirloin is a boneless strip steak which is cut from the short loin located between the rib and sirloin in the green area of the diagram above. It comes from closer to the sirloin end of the short loin rather than the more desirable (and expensive) end closer to the rib.

What does First Cut Mean meat?

What is the second cut of rough?

The “first cut of rough” is a term applied to rough just off the fairway that is higher than the fairway but lower than the “second cut of rough.” You guessed it: The “second cut of rough” is the really thick stuff.

Who Wrote The First Cut is the?

What does First cut Mean in meat?

The First Cut is one of the two types of cuts that are extracted from the breast. It is the thinly and relatively leaner portion of Beef Brisket. The First Cut is marked by its fibrous texture and can be used to make flavorful gravy to braise the beef.