How wide is a standard snowmobile track?

How wide is a standard snowmobile track?

about 15 inches
The widest snowmobile will have an overall width of around 50 inches. Most snowmobile tracks are about 15 inches, and the longest ones can be approximately 24 inches. The wider the track, the wider the snowmobile.

What is the standard length of a snowmobile track?

The length of short snowmobile tracks is normally between 121 and 129 inches (3.07 and 3.28 meters). They’re often seen on snowmobiles with weaker motors.

What snowmobile has the widest track?

Nothing commands respect like a Skandic Super Wide Track snowmobile. It is manufactured by Ski-Doo and I believe it is king of the utility sleds. It is the only snowmobile with a track that is 24 inches wide; most snowmobiles have 15 inch wide tracks. Super Wide’s are huge.

How long is a 144 snowmobile?

Polaris snowmobiles are around 115-130 inches long depending on the model. Some examples: Polaris RUSH PRO-S Length: 114 inches. Polaris Switchback Assault 144 Length: 125 inches.

What is considered a wide track snowmobile?

The typical widths of snowmobile tracks are: 13.5”, 14”, 15”, 16”, but some tracks are as wide as 20” or even 24”.

Is 144 track too long for trail riding?

The new AXYS-based Pollaris Switchback 144, Cat and Yamaha’s 141-inch sleds and even some of the crossover sleds with up to 154-inch tracks are actually very good trail sleds.

How long is a 155 snowmobile?

2019 Polaris PRO-RMK 800 155 Specifications

Reverse Yes
Technical Specifications:
Length (ft) 10.92
Width (in/mm) 43.5 / 1105

How do you calculate track length?

Track Length = A measurement of the inside circumference of the track. This is calculated by multiplying the drive pitch by the lug count. It is measured in inches and rounded up to a whole number.

How do you calculate tracks?

Choose your lane, get the lane number and subtract one; next, multiply that figure by the lane width. For example, if you are going to run in lane six, multiply five by the lane width. For a lane that is 1.22 meters wide, calculate 6 minus 1 — which is 5 — and then multiply 5 by 1.22, which is equal to 6.10 meters.

How do you measure the length of a track?

Determine Track Pitch and Length

  1. There is a bit of confusion regarding track pitch and length.
  2. Pitch: With a section of track on a flat surface, measure the center to center distance between a set of drive lugs.
  3. Length: To find the length we count the number of bars or lugs and then multiply this number by the pitch.

What size snowmobile tracks do I Need?

Shop for 144 inch length by 15 inch wide snowmobile tracks. You’ll find a wide variety of snowmobile tracks to choose from. Always keep in mind what lug height your sled can accommodate.

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How big are the tracks on a durasport?

Conquer any adventure on your horizon with the right snowmobile tracks. 93″ Tracks: Brand/Model 93 x 10 x 0.5 Youth Grass/Ice Drag 114” Tracks: 114 x 15 x 0.53 Durasport 116” Tracks: