Is Demco a corporation?

Is Demco a corporation?

DEMCO, Inc. is a Madison, Wisconsin-based supplier of school and library products.

Who owns Demco?

Wall is named president. 1971: Sales reach $5.8 million. 1972: Norman Bassett retires as chairman, and DEMCO becomes a wholly owned subsidiary of Menasha, Wisconsin-based George Banta Co., Inc.

What industry is Demco?

DEMCO, Inc. is a Madison, Wisconsin-based supplier of equipment, furniture and supplies to libraries and schools.

How much does the Demco hijacker weigh?

The Demco Hijacker Autoslide # DM8550034 has a weight of 273 lbs.

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What is energy cost adjustment?

The ECA is the mechanism used to reflect increases or decreases in the cost of energy (including fuel, transmission, and purchased power costs). This allows a utility to adjust rates when the cost of energy falls outside the predetermined energy rates.

Why buy from Demco?

For nearly a century, DEMCO has been serving the needs of America’s libraries and schools. With a broad product offering of over 20,000 items including thousands of unique or hard-to-find supplies, furniture, and equipment, DEMCO offers more of what librarians need every day.

Is Gaylord brothers owned by Demco?

2003: DEMCO acquires Gaylord Brothers’ library supplies and furniture division, as well as the Gaylord brand name. DEMCO, Inc. is a Madison, Wisconsin-based supplier of school and library products.

When did Demco move to deforest?

The first of these milestones came in 1950, when DEMCO moved to a facility located at 2120 Fordem Avenue in Madison, from which it would operate until the late 1980s. In 1965, DEMCO obtained what eventually would grow into a 176,000-square-foot warehouse and production facility in DeForest, Wisconsin.