Is multilinks still functioning in Nigeria?

Is multilinks still functioning in Nigeria?

Multi-Links is still in the Nigerian market and currently focusing on serving our customers in the 22 service areas namely Lagos, Port Harcourt, Owerri, Onitsha, Awka, Enugu, Makurdi, Abuja, Jos, Bauchi, Katsina, Kano, Kaduna, 1I0rin, Ife, Osogbo, Ibadan, Abeokuta, Sagamu, Ijebu-Ode, Warri and Benin where we currently …

Who is the founder of multilinks?

Jeffrey Hedberg, (right) was the Chief Executive Officer of Telkom of South Africa, the parent company of Multilinks, when Jim Ovia, Chairman and Founder of Visafone (left) made a bid to acquire the Nigerian CDMA company. Both parties later announced that the deal has been cancelled.

What is the meaning of Multilink?

pertaining to more than one telecommunications link
Adjective. multilink (not comparable) (telecommunications) Of or pertaining to more than one telecommunications link. (automotive) Being or pertaining to a kind of vehicle suspension using three or more lateral arms and one or more longitudinal arms.

Is starcomms Nigeria still working?

The Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC) has declared the Nigerian Telecommunications Limited (NITEL), the country’s pioneer telecoms operator, and 13 other telecoms companies as “inactive operators”.

When did starcomms come to Nigeria?

Starcomms did the unexpected by getting listed on the Nigerians Stock Exchange in July 2008, thus becoming the first and only telecom company to be listed on the bourse.

How much is Starcom?

Prices Starcomms Internet packages: Starcomms 1XCDMA 100 bundled hour Internet Browsing – N5,000. Starcomms iZap 100 bundled hour Internet Browsing – N6,500. Starcomms 1XCDMA 250 bundled hour Internet Browsing – N10,000.

How much is startime decoder now?

According to a statement, the antenna decoder will go for N7,400 as against N9,400 while dish decoder will go for N11,200 as against N13,200. StarTimes has over 100 channels showing exciting foreign and local entertainment.

How much does a StarTimes decoder cost?

StarTimes HD Combo decoder costs Ksh. 2499 inclusive of Super+Unique bouquet but if you do not have a dish you can get it at Ksh. 3999 as a full kit without installation.

How much is StarTimes full kit?

To buy this package, it costs UGX 72,000 per month. You can access over 21 television channels on the StarSat Chinese. To buy this package, it cost UGX 80,000 only.

How do I contact StarTimes?

Please contact us at Email address: [email protected]

How much is StarTimes worth?

Newly appointed Chief Executive Officer of StarTimes Nigeria, Mr.

Which is the best decoder in Nigeria?

6 Best Free-to-air Decoders in Nigeria

  1. Strong Multifunctional FTA Satellite Decoder. The user may analyse and store over 7000 channels on the Strong satellite decoder.
  2. Unique sat ultra HD FTA satellite receiver.
  3. ViewSat HD FTA Decoder.
  4. PowerSat 999SM FTA Decoder.
  5. Digicom HD FTA Decoder.
  6. MultiTV Free To Air Decoder.

How much is StarTimes decoder in Nigeria?

What is the customer care number for StarTimes in Nigeria?

Sale service hotline:

+234 94618888 +254 719077077 +255 764700800
+256 417117700 +250 5033 +258 21342400
+257 22275959 +224 655700701 +243 856710000
+261 202220275 +27 860867827 +233 655700700
+242 066474040 +225 86060 +265 995777555

Which country owns StarTimes?

Beijing , China

Native name 四达时代
Founder Pang Xinxing
Headquarters Beijing , China
Products StarSat TopStar StarTimes DTT StarTimes ON StarTimes GO
Number of employees 5,000

Which is better StarTimes or GOtv?

When it comes to the manner of payment, StarTimes is the clear winner as it allows for daily, weekly and monthly subscriptions while GOtv only allows monthly subscription. For just 90 naira a day, you can have access to 42 channels under Startimes Nova plan. Basic Bouquet is N160 daily while Classic is N320 daily.