What are some important events that happened in the Philippines?

What are some important events that happened in the Philippines?


Year Date Event
1521 March 28 Magellan reaches the Philippines
March 29 Blood Compact between Magellan and Rajah Kulambo of Limasawa
March 31 The first mass on Philippine soil is celebrated.
April 7 Magellan lands on Cebu; meets Rajah Humabon of Cebu and enters into another Blood Compact.

What are some major events of Philippine history give a summary of these events?

1896 – Civil and armed campaign for independence from Spanish rule begins. 1898 – Revolutionary forces under Emilio Aguinaldo proclaim independence. 1898 December – During brief Spanish-American War, US Navy destroys Spanish fleet in Manila Bay. Spain cedes Philippines to US, which proclaims military rule.

When did Ferdinand Marcos died?

September 28, 1989Ferdinand Marcos / Date of death

What happened in the year 1995 in the Philippines?

1995 in the Philippines details events of note that happened in the Philippines in the year 1995. January 3 – An overloaded passenger bus crashes into a ravine in Echague, Isabela, killing at least 31 and injuring 36. January 6 – Discovery of Bojinka plot.

What was the date of the 1995 Rugby World Cup Final?

7th June » The long-range Boeing 777 enters service with United Airlines. 24th June » “1995 Rugby World Cup or Rugby World Cup final”: South Africa defeats New Zealand, Nelson Mandela presents Francois Pienaar with the Webb-Ellis trophy in an iconic post-apartheid moment.

How many days are there in the year 1995?

Black–Other Days. Only common local holidays are listed. The year 1995 is a common year, with 365 days in total.

What is the history of Philippine Independence Day?

On August 4, 1964, President Diosdado Macapagal signed into law Republic Act No. 4166, designating June 12 as the Independence Day of the Philippines. On June 4, 1565, the peace treaty of Cebu between Miguel Lopez de Legazpi, representing King Philip II of Spain, and Rajah Tupas of Cebu was signed.