What is mean by emigration check required?

What is mean by emigration check required?

If you have not passed 10th standard, then your passport will be marked with a stamp displaying “Emigration Check Required”. You will need to get clearance from immigration office every time you wish to step outside India.

What is emigration check not required on passport?

ECNR in passport denotes that an Emigration Check is not required for your passport. All passports without notation issued in or after January 2007 are ECNR passports. Now that you know what an ECNR passport means let’s proceed to its eligibility criteria.

What is ECR check required?

For Indians who desire to work in specified countries, ECR (Emigration Check Required) passports are required. Prior to travelling to certain countries, authorised passport holders will be required to obtain an Emigration Clearance from the Office of the Protector of Emigrants (POE) under the Emigration Act of 1983.

What is the meaning of emigration check not required stamp TCS?

Note: A passport holder having an employment visa in passport does not require clearance from POE when they go back after a short visit to India. Now New passports are issuing ECNR by default – so if you don’t see an ECR stamp in your passport, it means ECNR (Emigration Check not Required).

How can I remove emigration check required?

How To Change ECR To ECNR In Indian Passport Online

  1. To download the application, go to passport.gov.in and select miscellaneous services.
  2. Select the Emigration Check deletion request.
  3. You will need two photocopies of your college, 12th, and 10th grade passing certificates.

Who required ECR in passport?

ECR stands for Emigration Clearance Required. If the applicant hasn’t passed their 10th grade or doesn’t have certificates for the same, they must undergo emigration check. It is introduced in order to provide freedom of work for people who want to work in other countries like Iran, UAE, Indonesia etc.

What is the difference between ECR and non-ECR passport?

The main difference between having ECR vs Non-ECR on your Indian passport is your ability to travel and work in certain countries. If your passport has the ECR notation or stamp, then you need to get “Emigration Clearance” from the office of the Protector of Emigrants (POE), if you plan to work in certain countries.

What is ECR check in passport?

ECR stands for Emigration Check Required and ECNR stands for Emigration Check Not Required. ECR status will be printed in the passport of the applicants who fall in the ECR category. For those falling in the Non-ECR category, there will be no specific mention in the passport.

Can ECR be removed from passport?

Step by Step Process to Delete ECR Stamp Step 2: You have to mention the request of ‘Deletion of ECR(emigration check required) in passport’ in the form. Step 3: Attach two photocopies of 10th, 12th and college degree. Step 4: Make sure your Certificate copy should be attested.

Who falls in ECR category?

ECR is a category of Indian passports. If you have not passed 10th grade/class, or cannot produce your Matriculation or higher education pass certificate, then your passport will fall under the ECR Category.

Who falls ECR category?

ECR stands for Emigration Check Required. In general, if you have not passed 10th grade/class (Matriculation or higher education pass certificate) then your passport will fall under ECR Category.

How is emigration check done?

Documents Required for Unskilled/Women Workers (Individuals) Passport valid for a minimum period of six months with valid Visa. Employment contract from the foreign employer duly attested by the Indian Mission or Permission letter from the concerned Indian Mission/Post. Challan towards deposits of prescribed fee.

How do I know my passport is ECR or non-ECR?

(ii) In the new type of passport booklet, ‘Emigration Check Required’ is printed just above the Name of father / Legal Guardian column on the last page of the booklet. (iii) If there is no stamping or printing of ECR status on the passport booklet, then the passport is a non-ECR passport (previously ECNR).

Who is eligible for non-ECR?

(i) All persons possessing educational qualification of matriculation (Class 10) and above are normally eligible for non-ECR passports, except those having POE-notified professions such as nurses who require emigration clearance irrespective of their educational qualifications.

What is a ECR passport?