What year was the Fender Nocaster?

What year was the Fender Nocaster?

The Fender Nocaster came into being in 1951 when Fender were trying to think of a new name for the Broadcaster, after Gretsch Drums complained that it was too close to their own Broadkaster kit. Instead of haulting production, Fender trimmed the word Broadcaster from the headstock decals and sold it anyway.

Why is it called a Nocaster?

The term Nocaster was later coined by collectors to denote these transitional guitars that appeared without a model name on the headstock. Since they were manufactured in this form for 8–9 months in 1951, original Nocasters are highly prized by collectors.

Whats a fender Nocaster?

So for a brief period in 1951 until the legal case was resolved, Fender released the Broadcaster with no model name. The guitars made during this period became known as “Nocaster” guitars. Later, in 1951, Fender changed the name to “Telecaster,” as the guitar model has been known ever since.

Will Fender make a custom neck?

They’ll walk you through everything—body design, neck shape, tonewoods, pickups, hardware and more—to give you the look, feel and sound that you’re searching for.

Are telecasters Good for jazz?

The Telecaster is a great jazz guitar, historically favored by famous Jazz players: Ted Greene, Ed Bickert, and Mike Stern. The Telecaster is popular amongst jazz players is for its ‘rich’ ‘pristine’ and ‘warm’ clean tone.

What is a modern D neck?

“Modern D” Neck Profile with Ultra-Rolled Fingerboard Edges “The American Ultra Stratocaster features a new, unique ‘Modern D’ neck profile with Ultra rolled fingerboard edges for hours of playing comfort, and the tapered neck heel allows easy access to the highest register.”

Is a Telecaster good for heavy metal?

The Telecaster has been one of the best emerging guitars in the metal world for a good few years now. John 5 (ex-Marilyn Manson) uses a Tele and Slipknot axeman Jim Root uses a range of Fenders for his sound, including a Tele fitted with high output humbuckers; check out the Squier version here.

Is a tele good for blues?

The Fender Telecaster It is better known as a country guitar but the Telecaster is also used as a Blues guitar. Guitarists famous for playing the Telecaster are Muddy Waters, Jeff Beck, Albert Collins, Roy Buchanan and Keith Richards.

Who uses a Fender Esquire?

Other famous Fender Esquire guys are Jeff Beck (Yardbirds era), Syd Barrett (Pink Floyd), Joe Strummer, Steve Cropper (used on famous Green Onions) and even BB King played one in his early days. Bruce Springsteen plays a modified Fender Esquire with an added neck pickup.