Where in Arizona did a meteor hit?

Where in Arizona did a meteor hit?

Barringer Meteor Crater and Its Environmental Effects. Forty-nine thousand years ago, a large 30 to 50 meter diameter iron asteroid impacted the Colorado Plateau in northern Arizona. The resulting massive explosion excavated 175 million tons of rock, forming a crater nearly a mile wide and 570 feet deep.

What happened to the Meteor Crater in Arizona?

The big hole in the ground — 570 feet deep and 4,100 feet (1.25 kilometers) across — was blown into existence 50,000 years ago by an asteroid roughly 130 feet (40 meters) wide.

What town is the Meteor Crater in Arizona?

Meteor Crater | Barringer Space Museum | Winslow, AZ.

Where is the Chicxulub crater?

Yucatán Peninsula
Chicxulub crater on the northern coast of the Yucatán Peninsula in Mexico, in a computer-generated image synthesized from gravity and magnetic-field data.

Do you have to pay to see the Meteor Crater in Arizona?

It’s not possible to visit the Arizona Meteor Crater without paying. The area is fenced off unless you drive through the parking lot and pay on arrival.

Can u visit the Chicxulub crater?

Since 2018, the Science Museum of the Chicxulub Crater is open for travelers and enthusiasts who wish to find out more about the catastrophe that ended the Mesozoic era and some of the other effects that the asteroid impact had.

How big was the asteroid that hit Arizona?

100 to 170 feet
Meteor Crater measures 0.75 miles (1.2 kilometers) across and about 600 feet (180 meters) deep. The size of the asteroid that produced the impact is uncertain—likely in the range of 100 to 170 feet (30 to 50 meters) across—but it had to be large enough to excavate 175 million metric tons of rock.

Is it worth going to Meteor Crater?

Yes it is just a big hole in the ground. But what a nice meteor crater. The drive to it is beautiful, the crater is cool and the museum and gift shops are better than expected. If you are interested in geology and/or astronomy, it is well worth the trip.

Was the Grand Canyon hit by a meteor?

An Arizona landmark steeped in violence, or at least catastrophe, is Barringer Meteorite Crater, which was produced when an unearthly iron asteroid came hurtling through the sky. This impact site, popularly known as Meteor Crater, exposes the same layers of rock that are visible along the rim of the Grand Canyon.

What is the history of the meteorites in Arizona?

Meteor Crater (Barringer Meteorite Crater) formed 50,000 years ago when an asteroid plunged through the Earth’s atmosphere and crashed into what would become central Arizona.

What is there to do in Meteor Crater AZ?

Visiting Meteor Crater, Arizona. Today Meteor Crater is a famous tourist attraction with a museum featuring displays about the history of the crater and asteroid impact science. Meteor Crater, AZ is also a wonderful laboratory for research by scientists who come from all over the world to study the crater.

What are the meteorites found around the Meteor Crater?

The Canyon Diablo meteorites found around Meteor Crater are iron meteorites of the Coarse Octahedrite type. They are nearly solid nickel-iron metal with some inclusions mostly of graphite.