Where is the safe in fraternal Post 115?

Where is the safe in fraternal Post 115?

There is also a Novice locked floor safe in the southeast corner of the room, behind the file cabinets.

How do you beat the troubled waters in Fallout 4?

Jump down into the water, and upto the next Pump Control Switch. The next switch will be will require you to go into the water, then up some stairs. Head back down the stairs, and hit the final Pump Control Switch, which will restart the main pump. You can find another red button and door, which will lead outside.

How do you drain the water treatment plant in Fallout 4?

The door on the left ramp leads down a path towards a switch for a the Pump Control. This will drain a lot of the water in the room and allow you to move more freely. The newly revealed ramps on the left side will lead to another Pump Control switch to drain the water further.

What does the water treatment plant do in Fallout 4?

You can use this terminal to open the locked safe next to it and loot some ammo, health items, grenades, and mines.

Why is my settlement not making purified water?

A settlement will stop producing purified water if there are more than 5 drinkable items in the workbench (but see Notes), plus 1 for every 4 settlers. This extremely low cap is the reason water seems to only be produced after the player takes all the purified water from the workbench.

What is the best weapon to use against super mutants Fallout 4?

Super mutant weaknesses in Fallout 4 Rule out using irradiated weapons, because they’ll do nothing to super mutants. Energy weapons like laser muskets work well, and you can use sufficiently advanced ballistic weapons too, but they’ll do comparatively less damage.

How much damage does Deadeye do?

Deadeye begins locking 0.2 seconds after activation. Over the next 0.8 seconds, it accumulates damage slowly to all enemies in sight, up to 80 for each. After 1 second, Deadeye accumulates damage at a rate of 275 per second. After 1.5 seconds, it accumulates at 550 per second.