How does Lenddo work?

How does Lenddo work?

Lenddo uses social media and smartphone application data to provide credit scoring and verification for the emerging middle class. Loan applications, credit card inquiries, and even apartment rental requests all essentially hinge on one thing: a credit score.

Where is Lenddo based?

With its headquarters in Singapore, Lenddo started in March 2011 to offer loans in the Philippines, soon spreading to Mexico and Colombia.

What happened to Lenddo?

In October 2017, Lenddo merged with Boston headquartered startup Entrepreneurial Finance Lab (EFL) with the merged entity being known as LenddoEFL. Lenddo CEO Richard Eldridge continued on as the CEO of the company.

Is lendgo a good mortgage comparison site?

Read Customer Reviews LendGo is a mortgage and refinancing comparison site which states it allows customers to search thousands of lenders and mortgages to find the best ones to suit their needs. The business was founded by Cyrus Zahabian, who created it in an effort to eliminate the difficulties that he faced while shopping for a mortgage.

Does Lendio have a loan specialist for small businesses?

We have a dedicated loan specialist assigned to every small business, helping them along the way. What problem is Lendio trying to solve? What sets Lendio apart from the competition? Options.

What is lendgo and how does it work?

He has used his tech experience to create a model that works for both lenders and borrowers. The main idea behind LendGo is to let the mortgage companies and banks compete for your business and not the other way around. This way they’re forced to give you fair rates and lower fees if they wish to earn your business.

Are there any closing fees with lendgo?

This means that your closing fees will vary greatly based on your personal circumstances, i.e credit score and down payment and the company you chose. Moving forward the lender may require additional fees to prequalify you and continue processing your loan request. LendGo itself will never charge you for using their services.