What color temperature are factory HID lights?

What color temperature are factory HID lights?

Factory HID systems use 4300K bulbs while most aftermarket systems use 6000K or 8000K bulbs. Going above 8000K or below 4300K decreases light output significantly and should only be used in show cars.

What color are 6000K HID lights?

white color
6000K. 6000K HID lamps emit a slightly brighter white color that resembles snow. They provide a phenomenal increase in visibility and give the headlights a crisp, attractive look. 6000K is the most popular color temperature for aftermarket HID headlight conversion kits.

Do HID headlights look blue?

Now, many cars have light blue colored headlights. Some cars come with those headlights from the factory and other times, owners will install similar systems or similar looking systems. The factory blue headlights are known as HID (high intensity discharge) headlights.

What is the best hid color for headlights?

The most popular HID colors for High Intensity Discharge lights are 6000K (white headlights) and 8000K ( blue headlights or what is some term iceberg blue ). The higher the K number listed on the kit, the bluer the light that it produces. It is important to remember this.

What is the brightest HID bulb color?

Bright white HID bulbs (5000K) produce the brightest light output. However, both yellow-white (4300K) and alpine white (6000K) are very close in the light output, and the difference is often negligible. What color temperature HID is best?

What is a hid color chart and how is it used?

If you are looking to buy High Intensity Discharge lighting then you should first take a look at a HID color chart in order to find out which HID colors are the best ones for your need. The HID color chart describes the different HID colors of light in terms of Kelvin. Kelvin what? A Kelvin is a unit of measurement that describes color temperature.

What is the brightest xenon HID light?

Xenon HID lights that produce cool colors tend to produce less usable light than ones that produce warmer colors. For the brightest possible light, opt for a 4300K or 6000K bulb, because these are quite close to sunlight. If you want a light that is suitable for a fog lamp, choose 3000K.