What does the i stand for in VVT i?

What does the i stand for in VVT i?

Variable Valve Timing-intelligent
Tokyo―TOYOTA MOTOR CORPORATION announced today the development of its new “Variable Valve Timing-intelligent” (VVT-i) technology, which increases performance and fuel economy.

What happens when variable valve timing fails?

When the VVT solenoid is malfunctioning, the entire system can be compromised, which may result in intake and exhaust valves opening and closing at the wrong time. This typically causes the fuel economy to drastically reduce.

What is CVVT Hyundai?

Continuous Variable Valve Timing (CVVT) is a valve-timing technology that controls the timing of a valve lift event and is often used to improve performance, fuel economy or emissions. CVVT allows control over the timing of a valve lift.

How does Hyundai VVT work?

Variable valve timing adjusts when engine valves open and close during the usual four-stroke cycle. Variable valve lift controls the amount of air entering the cylinder by changing how far the valve opens. CVVD, according to Hyundai, allows for more flexibility based on the current driving style.

Does Hyundai use Mitsubishi engines?

The tables have turned on its relationship with Mitsubishi, as Hyundai now supplies technology for the 2.0-liter and 2.4-liter Theta engines for both Mitsubishi and Chrysler.

Is VVT-i like VTEC?

i-VTEC uses not only timing but also the lift aspect of the valves, while VVTi uses only the timing aspect. The technology that uses timing and lift aspect developed by Toyota is called VVTL-i and can be equated with that of i-VTEC of Honda.

Are VVT engines noisy?

When the engine is first started, some vehicles may exhibit a loud ticking noise from the variable valve timing (VVT) actuator. This is caused by the lock pin of the VVT actuator not fully engaging or from a worn lock pin hole.

What does a bad VVT gear sound like?

A faulty VVT solenoid can prevent the VVT actuator from getting the oil pressure it needs. When this happens, you may hear a rattling noise or ticking noise from the engine.

Is the VTech cordless phone any good?

Although it’s quieter than other phones, the quality of the VTech cordless phone is impressive. If you wear a hearing aid, you’ll also be interested in knowing that the Vtech phone meets TIA-1083 compliance standards for reduced interference.

What is the VVT-i cam phasing system?

The VVT system is a 2-stage hydraulically controlled cam phasing system. VVT-i, introduced on the 1JZ-GTE/2JZ-GTE engine in 1996, varies the timing of the intake valves by adjusting the relationship between the camshaft drive (belt or chain) and intake camshaft.

Can I have more than one VTech phone registered to it?

VTech models 15100, 15300, 15350, 17000, 17050, 19300 and 19350 are unable to have additional handsets registered to their retail pack. All other VTech cordless phones, including the Voice Comms Bridge, can have 5 handsets registered to them (except VTech models 17450, 18450, 18750 and Smart Comms Bridge – see below) .

What is the Toyota VVT-i system?

The Toyota VVT-i system replaces the Toyota VVT offered starting in 1991 on the 5-valve per cylinder 4A-GE engine. The VVT system is a 2-stage hydraulically controlled cam phasing system.