How do you stick lights to metal?

How do you stick lights to metal?

You can use an inexpensive product called a C9 clip. This inexpensive fastener will turn all of your Christmas lights into magnetic lights. You simply string your lights into the magnetic C9 clip, and the clip can be attached directly to your metal roof.

How do you edge a driveway with Christmas lights?

Leave at least a foot between the edge of the driveway and staked lights when lining your driveway. If a driver backs out too close to the edge, he shouldn’t take out a row of lights. Create a flow of light that moves the eye from one area to the next. Avoid “hot spots” of lights bunched in one area.

How do you hang string lights on a metal ceiling?

Use magnetic clips or hooks for hanging strings of lights You can use either individual clips that attach to the back of each light or hooks to string them along your metal roof sheets. They’re strong enough to stay in place throughout most weather conditions but easy enough to take down once the holiday season ends.

How do you light the end of a driveway?

Ground lights aren’t just for landscaping, but can be installed directly into the driveway surface too. Position ground lights on either edge of the driveway to guide parking and walking at night. Driveway ground lights are a great alternative if you lack the room for path or bollard lights.

How do you use a string light stake?

They’re very easy to use: you simply bend the top tab (the clip portion) of the stake down 90 degrees until it locks into place, and then slide the base of the bulb onto the clip. If you’re using stringer light sets (the kind where the bulb is not replaceable), this is the only style of the stake that will work.

Why use light stakes?

Because for such simple and inexpensive tools, light stakes pack a powerful punch in nudging your Christmas display toward an impressive new level of elegance. You have no items to compare.

What is the best way to put stakes in the ground?

It is usually the easiest type of soil to put your stakes in and have them hold. Just push them in either with your hand or foot. If the ground is firm but lacks rocks, you can pound them gently with a rubber mallet or piece of wood. It won’t require much effort. Avoid using stones to hammer in the pegs if possible, as it can damage the pegs.

What size stake do I need for a light?

Universal stakes are 4.6″ in length, and will hold C7 lights and C9 lights. Works only with lights on which the cord enters and exits the base of the socket (see photo). Universal Metal Light Stake. This is our most durable light stake. It’s the most durable stake on the market, in fact, and is the best choice for commercial applications.