Is Continental Pro Contact SSR a run-flat tire?

Is Continental Pro Contact SSR a run-flat tire?

And if you’re wondering what SSR stands for, it’s “Self Supporting Run Flat”. That means these Continental ProContact SSR tires are built with Run-Flat technology, which allows you to temporarily continue driving in the event of a flat tire.

Is the Continental Pro Contact a run flat?

For impressive performance, the tread area optimizes contact with the road to provide impressive stability and handling. The tire also offers run-flat technology that allows you to temporarily continue driving in the event of a flat tire, giving you extra security in the event of a roadside emergency.

Is the continental SSR a run-flat tire?

The SSR system is a runflat technology developed by Continental especially for low section tyres, which still keeps the tyres compatible with all standard rims.

How long can you drive on Continental run-flat tires?

In the event of full pressure loss, limited mobility (no sudden driving maneuver) it is possible to drive for a distance of 50 miles, at a maximum speed of 50 miles per hour. The run flat distance will be influenced by driving style, speed, type of road, weather conditions, tire condition and vehicle load.

Are contiprocontact SSR tires good?

The ContiProContact SSR is a great all around tire that performs well in most conditions. Dry traction as well as wet traction is good, and the tire comes with a solid warranty. Prices start at $165, which is a good value for this tire.

Are you grateful to have 4 new continental run flat tires?

Very grateful to have these tires put on 4 new Continental run flats 4X4 SSR … these are for summer because in the winter I always put winters on which will be in 3 ish months ! A super man In a tire ! Keep up the great work! Customer for life when you keep up the good work of safety technology in a tire!

What is the maximum speed of the contiprocontact SSR?

The ContiProContact SSR’s reinforced sidewall enables the car to continue on its way at a maximum speed of 50 mph (80 km/h) for up to 50 miles (80 km), depending on road conditions and vehicle weight.