What are the important topics in current affairs for bank exams?

What are the important topics in current affairs for bank exams?

Important Topics of Current Affairs for Bank Exam Preparation

  • Recent scientific and technical developments.
  • Economic related issues.
  • National and International Social and political issues.
  • Environmental and ecological issues.
  • Sports and film affairs.
  • RBI related information.

Is current affairs important for bank exams?

Current Affairs will not only help you in Mains of banking exams but if you are preparing for bank po then it will also help you in Descriptive writing and Interview as well. Bank exams are one such exam which constitute a large portion of marks in the Mains exam to the General Awareness section.

Which is best for general awareness for bank exams?

Banking Awareness Books for Exam Preparation

  • Banking Awareness by Arihant Publications.
  • Banking Awareness for SBI/IBPS/ Bank Clerk PO/SO/RRB & RBI exams by Disha Experts.
  • Banking Awareness (Banking Aptitude Test) (Bank PO/Officer’s Exam) by Ramesh Publishing House.

Which app is best for current affairs for bank exams?

Best Bank Exam Preparation Apps

  • Grade Up.
  • Online Tayyari.
  • Adda247.
  • Testbook.
  • Vocab24.
  • Oliveboard’s Mock Tests & Exam Prep App.
  • IBPS Bank Exam Preparation.
  • Bankersadda.

How many months current affairs is enough for bank exam?

In total, you have to cover 5 months current affairs for the particular exam. Currently, upcoming bank exams are IBPS PO, IBPS Clerk, Canara Bank, and IBPS SO in which General Awareness section is asked.

How can I get full marks in current affairs?

How to Score 40+ marks in General Awareness Section in SSC CGL Tier-1 Exam

  1. Know the complete syllabus.
  2. Make Notes & Study daily.
  3. Learn from the books.
  4. Stay updated with the current affairs.
  5. Practice mock tests.

How do you make notes of current affairs for banking?

Reading newspapers (preferably The Hindu) is considered the best for current affairs preparation. However, mere reading of newspapers isn’t enough. You need to note down the important highlights of the news and try and write short essays on topics from current affairs in your own words, expressing your opinion.

How do you remember current affairs?

Another interesting technique to remember current affairs is to take quizzes on it. Candidates can assess their learning by taking quizzes and also improve their retention of things read. By taking the same quiz multiple times, the information will definitely be stored in the memory for a longer time.

How can I score good marks in current affairs in bank exam?

Current GK:

  1. It is only about mugging up a lot of facts.
  2. Revise a lot since it is challenging to retain knowledge.
  3. Mock tests will be of great help for this section especially.
  4. You may take sectional tests as well since more than any other section you require revision in this part of the paper.

How many months are current affairs in CGL?

6 months
In SSC CGL Exam, current affairs of last 6 months are majorly asked. Some questions can even be asked from past one year.

How do I start studying current affairs?

Tips to Prepare UPSC Current Affairs

  1. Concentrate More on Analysis. Most of the candidates just give importance to memorizing the current affairs.
  2. Linking of Topics.
  3. Newspapers.
  4. Magazines – Use Limited Numbers with Proven Track Record.
  5. Notes – Make it a Habit.
  6. Revise – Consistency.
  7. Limit your Sources.

Which channel is best for current affairs for bank exams?

YouTube Channels for Bank Exams Preparation

  • Bankers Point.
  • Adda247.
  • Meritshine.
  • Vidya Guru.
  • Bank Exams Today.

How do you prepare for current affairs?

Refer to the following sources to read current affairs for UPSC:

  1. Read the newspaper Daily.
  2. PIB Review.
  3. Gist of Yojana, Kurukshetra and other Magazines.
  4. FMonthly editions of current affairs journals.

How can I remember current affairs for bank exams?

Easy Ways to Remember All The Current Affairs

  1. In order to remember Banking Awareness, always make sure your CONCEPT is clear.
  2. Always be on track.
  3. Always discuss current affairs with other aspirants.
  4. Always extract the STOCK GKs (Places, Dance forms, State related GKs) from Current Affairs.