What is needed to set up Zwift?

What is needed to set up Zwift?

A bike (or smart bike) A trainer or a set of rollers. An ANT+ or Bluetooth measurement tool: a power meter, smart trainer or speed/cadence sensor. A computer, smartphone or tablet with Bluetooth or ANT+ (or an ANT+ USB dongle)

How do I install Zwift at home?

On a Mac or PC, click the words “Create an account.” On an iOS mobile device or Apple TV, search for the Zwift app in the App Store. After downloading and installing it, open the app and select “I’m New.” Answer the required questions and tap “Let’s Go” to get started.

What is the best Zwift set up?

Best high-end Zwift setup

  • Direct-drive smart trainer.
  • Apple TV or powerful tablet/laptop with HDMI connection.
  • Indoor training-specific fan.

How do I set up Zwift on my TV?

You simply navigate to the Zwift app on the TV screen, and go. The remote allows you to navigate, and it avoids the need to stream Zwift on a small screen or rely on bluetooth to mirror and image on the screen.

Can I use Zwift with just a power meter?

You can get onto Zwift with a power meter and a dumb trainer, which might mean you already have the tools available to you without having to invest in a complete new Zwift setup.

Do I need a power meter for Zwift?

Using virtual power for Zwift If you don’t have a power meter on your bike then you will need to use “virtual power.” Virtual power requires a speed sensor to measure the speed at the rear wheel. With classic trainers, there is a relationship between wheel speed and how much power the rider is generating.

How much does it cost for a Zwift setup?

If you’ve got a bike, an indoor trainer, some way of reading power (or speed and cadence) and a computer or tablet – then the only cost would be the $14.99 / £12.00 per month. Otherwise, a basic setup with a classic trainer and a speed and cadence sensor will cost about $150 / £100.

Do you change gears on Zwift?

No need to change gear here, Zwift tells the trainer what the resistance should be at any given moment, you just have to keep those pedals spinning.

What is the cheapest way to Zwift?

The cheapest option for riding on Zwift is using a standard turbo trainer paired with a speed and cadence sensor that connects to Zwift via ANT+ or bluetooth. When using a standard turbo trainer that doesn’t transmit data with a speed and cadence sensor, your in-game effort is generated by virtual watts called zPower.

Can you use Zwift without subscription?

Pricing: To ride on Zwift, you’ll need an account; you can start with a 25km free trial (you will eat through that pretty fast), and then you have to pay a $14.99 monthly subscription (up from $9.99 for much of its history) that is renewed every month.

What does the feather mean in Zwift?

1. Feather Lightweight (feather) The Feather powerup reduces your weight by 9.5kg, making it ideal for launching an uphill attack or avoiding getting dropped on a tough climb. When to use it will come down to experience and strategy, as it lasts for just 15 seconds.

Do you need a laptop for Zwift?

Zwift requires a powerful laptop, but the good news is quite a lot of us will already own a laptop which meets Zwift’s minimum spec. However, if yours is lagging behind and you are looking for an upgrade, it’s a good idea to look for laptops advertised as a gaming laptops.

What devices work with Zwift?

Supported Devices to Run the Zwift Companion App

Device Requirements
Android® Android® 7.0 or higher1 Arm64-v8a ABI (Arm64 architecture) At least 1 Gig of Ram2 OpenGL ES 3.0 or higher Bluetooth version 4.0 or higher
iPhone® SE, iPhone®5S, or higher iOS®12.0 or higher3 At least 1 Gig of Ram4 Bluetooth version 4.0 or higher

Do I change gears on Zwift?

Should I Zwift every day?

If your riding schedule includes racing on Zwift, consider racing no more than three times per week, with recovery rides, days off, and lighter training in between. And even if your training load is more steady (with few “race day efforts”) taking a day or two for recovery per week is smart.