Do any celebrities have heterochromia?

Do any celebrities have heterochromia?

Kate Bosworth is probably the most well-known actress for having two different colored eyes.

What famous person has heterochromia iridum?

Perhaps the most famous celebrity with heterochromia, actress Kate Bosworth has one blue eye, and one eye that is partially hazel.

Does Jane Seymour have 2 different colored eyes?

Jane Seymour Her heterochromia iridium is hereditary and has meant she has 2 different coloured eyes. Her one green eye and one brown eye is a feature of her look that has been much-admired over the years.

Which celebrities have heterochromia?

Some of the most extreme examples of celebs with heterochromia include Kate Bosworth (one blue eye and one hazel eye), Kiefer Sutherland (one blue eye and one green eye) and without a doubt Major League Baseball pitcher Max Scherzer. His heterochromia is impossible to miss: He has one incredibly blue eye and one very dark brown eye.

Does heterochromia exist in real life?

While this may seem like a feature that only appears in fiction, heterochromia does occur in real life. In fact, some of the celebrities you see in movies and on TV have heterochromia. The list of famous people with heterochromia includes stars such as Christopher Walken, Demi Moore, Josh Henderson, Alyson Hannigan and many more.

Did David Bowie have heterochromia?

Many people see photos of David Bowie’s eyes and assume he had heterochromia; however, his eyes were not different colors. Rather, he had an eye condition called anisocoria, where one pupil is permanently larger than the other. Anisocoria is usually present at birth and presents as a minor difference in pupil size (less than a millimeter).

Does Kate Bosworth have heterochromia?

When you think of celebs with heterochromia, Kate Bosworth is probably the first person that comes to mind. One of her eyes is blue and the other one is partially hazel with a mixture of amber, green, and brown.