How do you store your embroidery floss?

How do you store your embroidery floss?

Store your embroidery floss in bags. “I ordered some colored mesh bags from Amazon and put the coordinating colors in each bag. Then I put them in a small plastic bin, file like. Works great!” Using bags for storage are another quick and easy way to store embroidery floss and other threads.

Where should I store my floss?

Ways to Store and Organize Floss

  1. Drawers or Cabinet. I like to store full skeins of embroidery floss in transparent drawers.
  2. Bobbin Boxes.
  3. Project Cards In a Binder.
  4. Hanging File Folder Method.
  5. Thread Drops on a Key Ring.
  6. Plastic Bags.
  7. Bonus Idea: Clothespins.

What is a Stitchbow?

These stitch bows are a clever convenient way to store your DMC stranded cotton. Pop your skeins onto the stitch bows to make it easier to unwind the length of embroidery thread you need. Enter the shade number (labels sold separately) onto the plastic insert so you can easily find the colour you need.

What can I do with extra embroidery floss?

Here are some suggestions.

  1. Fill a clear plastic Christmas ornament.
  2. Display them in a frame.
  3. Fill the barrel of a clear pen (like this one from Kreinik)
  4. Use them to fill pincushions or small stuffed animals.
  5. Use them in small stitching projects or crazy quilts.
  6. Make fiber art.

What is an ORT jar?

I thought I would write a blog post all about the wonderfulness of ORT jars. Here is a picture of my current ORT jar. As you can see, it is nothing more than a jelly jar filled with snippets of embroidery threads. I keep this jar in my “stitching spot”, which is on the end table next to the couch.

What can I do with left over embroidery floss?

Does DMC name their colors?

Designers actually change the names of the floss colors for their designs. Sometimes they keep the original DMC name that is given to that number by DMC but majority of the time, the designers will change the names of the colors to fit what they like.

What does ecru mean in cross stitch?

ECRU comes from the French word “écru” which means raw or unbleached. This is a massive clue. Cotton is taken from the fields and turned into threads, the color those threads start, before they are processed to add color, is ECRU.