What happened to hawkgirl in The Flash?

What happened to hawkgirl in The Flash?

After the Legends beat Vandal for good, Hawkgirl left the team. Carter, reincarnated in the future, then time-traveled to 2016 to be with his eternal love Kendra. Legends of Tomorrow parted ways with Hawkman and Hawkgirl since their story had run its course.

What episode of The Flash is the crossover?

The crossover began in Supergirl episode 2×8 “Medusa,” though that was more of a teaser at the end of the episode (featuring the scene of Barry and Cisco recruiting Supergirl), and continues after the Flash episode in Arrow episode 5×8, also called “Invasion!,” and ends with the Legends episode 2×7 “Invasion!”

Who dies season 2 flash?

Barry is attacked by Earth-2’s Caitlin and Ronnie, known as Killer Frost and Deathstorm respectively. Joe is killed in the attack.

What episode does hawkgirl appear in the Flash?

“The Flash” Legends of Today (TV Episode 2015) – Ciara Renée as Kendra Saunders, Hawkgirl – IMDb.

What episode of Arrow goes with Flash season 2 episode 8?

Heroes Join Forces
“Heroes Join Forces” is the second annual Arrowverse crossover event that features episodes of the television series The Flash and Arrow on The CW….Heroes Join Forces.

“Heroes Join Forces”
Episode no. Season 2 Episode 8
Directed by Ralph Hemecker
Story by Greg Berlanti Andrew Kreisberg
Teleplay by Aaron Helbing Todd Helbing

What does Armageddon mean in Flash?

Crossover event chronology Armageddon is the name of the seventh annual Arrowverse crossover event. The crossover aired over five weeks from November 16 to December 14, 2021. It served as a special five-episode event that kicks off The Flash’s eighth season.

What episode of Arrow goes with flash season 2 episode 8?

Who dated Zatanna?

In The New 52: Futures End timeline, Zatanna is romantically involved with Jason Blood / Etrigan the Demon. In the Mystik U universe, Zatanna pursued a romantic relationship with Sebastian Faust, the son of infamous sorcerer Felix Faust. She has a strong friendship with Batman due to their shared (retconned) pasts.

How many crossovers are there in The Flash?

There have been four promoted crossovers in that time and with the fifth on the way, new fans will want to know what order to view them in. Let us help you watch the DC crossover events. The shared Arrowverse has been on our screens for just over 6 years now and we’ve seen a total of four crossover events.

What episode is Flash vs Arrow?

Flash vs. Arrow

“Flash vs. Arrow”
Episode no. Season 3 Episode 8
Directed by Jesse Warn
Teleplay by Marc Guggenheim Grainne Godfree
Production code 3J5158

Who caused Armageddon in The Flash?

Originally presenting himself as an heroic outlaw who adopted the Earth as his new home after being exiled from his home planet by a tyrannical leader, it was revealed in “Armageddon, Part 5” that the alien telepath Despero was the real tyrant.

Is Armageddon on flash a crossover?

The CW’s crossover event, Armageddon, kicked off the latest season of The Flash and subsequently wastes DC’s Despero. This five-part crossover is unlike any previous CW event as it does not span the CW’s catalog of superhero shows.

Who is Flash wife?

Iris West
Fictional character biography. Iris West works as a reporter for Picture News, based in Central City, and is the fiancée of Barry Allen, who is secretly the Flash.

What happened to King Shark in the Flash?

When King Shark escapes from an A.R.G.U.S. holding tank, Lyla and Diggle travel to Central City to warn The Flash. King Shark shows up at the West house and attacks Joe, Iris, Wally and Barry. Error: please try again.

What happened to Thawne in the Flash?

Iris is cured, Barry is fine, and Thawne is nowhere in the timeline. He’s truly gone. The visitors from the future return to their time. Meena says the Bloc no longer works so she’s no longer a speedster-she was just a means to an end for the Negative Forces. Iris and Barry give Meena Eobard’s yellow tie that was left at STAR Labs.

What was the Flash Season 2 finale recap?

” ‘ The Flash’ Season 2 Finale Recap: “The Race of His Life ” “. Collider. Archived from the original on April 7, 2018. Retrieved December 16, 2018.

How many episodes are in’the Flash’Season 2?

The second season of The Flash ​ premiered on October 6, 2015, on The CW and concluded on May 24, 2016. It consisted of 23 episodes.