Where is the Falcon Bay?

Where is the Falcon Bay?

Falcon is a southern suburb of Mandurah, located southwest of Mandurah’s central area and with frontage to the Indian Ocean. The suburb was named after Falcon Bay….Falcon, Western Australia.

Falcon Mandurah, Western Australia
Falcon Bay
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Coordinates 32°34′44″S 115°39′32″E
Population 5,164 (2016 census)

Is Falcon wa a good area?

Reviews of Falcon, WA Just moved to Falcon and the lifestyle is incredible, peaceful, friendly community, close to everything and right near the beach. There are many places to surf (or any water sport you desire), go fishing, crabbing, bbqs on the beach, it really doesn’t get much better.

Why is Mandurah called Mandurah?

The name Mandurah comes from the local Aboriginal term mandjar, meaning “meeting place.” As well as serving a district of dairying, poultry farming, and fishing, Mandurah in the early 20th century became a resort and a retirement destination for the Perth metropolitan area, to which it is linked by road and rail; by …

Is Meadow Springs a good suburb?

It’s a lovely friendly neighbourhood, has good shopping centre and great schools. Meadow Springs is probably one of the most child friendly suburbs in Mandurah – especially with the addition of the Quarry Adventure Park 🙂 Silver Sands is probably safer.

What Aboriginal land is Mandurah in?

The first people of the region were the Bindjareb people of the Noongar Nation, who named the locality Mandjoogoordap (now Mandurah) which translates to ‘meeting place of the heart’.

Who are the traditional owners of Mandurah?

The City of Mandurah (the ‘City’):

  • Acknowledges that the Bindjareb people are the original inhabitants and traditional owners of the land in and around Mandurah;
  • Acknowledges the importance of including the local Aboriginal community in decisions relating to Welcome to Country and Acknowledgement of Country;

What is population of Mandurah?

The City of Mandurah Estimated Resident Population for 2021 is 89,448, with a population density of 511.1 persons per square km. The City of Mandurah is located just south of the Perth metropolitan area, with Mandurah CBD being approximately 72km south of the Perth CBD.

Is Mandurah a country town?

Mandurah (/ˈmændʒərə/) is a coastal city in the Australian state of Western Australia, situated approximately 72 kilometres (45 mi) south of the state capital, Perth. It is the state’s second most populous city, with a population of approximately 117,000, ahead of that of nearby Bunbury.

Is Lakelands wa a good place to live?

“Like the lake, love the community atmosphere” Been great living here, nice little community. Handy for the kids to walk to school and the parks after school to keep them outside. Our street has mixed age ranges and is pretty quiet.

Is Mandurah an Aboriginal word?

What does Mandjoogoordap meaning?

In the local dialect of the region’s first people, ‘Mandjoo’ means (meeting place) and ‘goordap’ means (of the heart).

How old is Mandurah?


Mandurah Western Australia
Established 1831
Postcode(s) 6210
Area 106.6 km2 (41.2 sq mi)
Time zone AWST (UTC+8)

Is Mandurah a good place to retire?

Mandurah is lovely, so many schools, shops, houses, beaches, so many opportunities and extra curricular activities, friendly people and the foreshore that is being renovated is just beautiful! Such a great vibe, you gotta come visit it’s an amazing place to live with kids and so many schools to choose from.