Who owns Accell Group?

Who owns Accell Group?

Accell Group was bought out by Kohlberg Kravis Roberts for $1.8B on Jan 24, 2022 .

Where is Zim Blake from?

Born in Zimbabwe but now resident in the Isle of Wight, UK, Blake has travelled the world as a pro rider competing in the world’s premier dirt jump and slopestyle competitions.

Who is Doddy GMBN?

Award-winning MTB fanatic Doddy has spent 16 years immersed in mountain biking media. He’s an all-round MTB fanatic who loves everything from a solo ride in the countryside to geeking out over the latest tech.

Who is Lewi Pilgrim?

Lewi Pilgrim is one of the real rising stars in MTB culture. At 20 years old, he’s already responsible for some of the most fun content out there – via his YouTube channel and Instagram. He’s equal parts rider and film-maker and his films focus most on the sheer fun of pushing it on a bike – just for the fun of it!

What makes the Haibike Urban plus so unique?

The Haibike Urban Plus has been on my radar since it was introduced in late 2016, because it is completely unique in the product line. It uses a custom designed TranzX battery and compact circular TranzX mid-motor while almost all of the other Haibike models to date (that I’m aware of) utilize either Bosch or Yamaha drive systems.

What does Haibike stand for?

Haibike stands for innovation and power: WE ARE ePERFORMANCE. For us, biking is all about freedom, courage, passion and the joy of discovery. We want to drive people to explore and expand their boundaries, uphill and downhill, by day and night.

Is Haibike going down scale?

Clearly Haibike is going down scale and the timing/pricing is suspiciously looking like a response to the soon-to-be-released Yamaha bikes (and supplier to Haibike for 2017 drive systems). Its a good idea for Haibike to have a few more affordable bikes to respond to Yamaha and others.

Where can I find more information on Haibike?

If you need to find more information on Haibike, Haibike products or Haibike dealers in your country, you can use the links below or send an email with your inquiry to [email protected].