How long does it take to beat Freedom Fighters?

How long does it take to beat Freedom Fighters?


Single-Player Polled Average
Main Story 63 7h 46m
Main + Extras 21 9h 17m
Completionists 10 12h 42m
All PlayStyles 94 8h 38m

How do you enter a location in freedom fighters?

you have to select it on the map, then at the very bottom in small letters it says something like “go to location” you have to click on that. Originally posted by mauser: you have to select it on the map, then at the very bottom in small letters it says something like “go to location” you have to click on that.

How many GB is freedom fighters?

1 GB
Graphics: 100% DirectX 10 compatible video card. DirectX: Version 10. Storage: 1 GB available space.

Where is the crowbar in Hitman freedom fighters?

Freedom Fighters – A total of four Crowbars can be found within this mission: Two in the Barn. One on a wagon north of the Garages (difficulty dependent)…HITMAN™

  1. One inside the locked gate to the right of the yacht.
  2. One on the south side of deck 00.
  3. One in a small room on the roof of the yacht.

Where is the tornado shelter in freedom fighters?

The Tornado Shelter is located at the Farm House’s Basement, located in Level 0. It can be found by entering the door with a biometric face scanner.

How do you get C4 in freedom fighters?

Run out of the door, and have your awesome army defeat any enemies that are waiting for you. Head straight through all of the enemies while collecting the Machinegun of the fallen Machinegun Guard, and to the left. Open and enter the manhole, and go to the Munitions Depot to collect more C4.

How do you skip the intro to freedom fighters?

Skip intro videos Go to and open Freedom. ini . Change DefaultScene=FF-Intro. gms to DefaultScene=FF-Startup.

Why is August called Black August?

Black August was initiated by the Black Guerilla Family in San Quentin State Prison in 1979 when a group of incarcerated people came together to commemorate the deaths of brothers Jonathan P. Jackson (d. August 7, 1970) and George Jackson (d.

How do you get the crowbar in Hitman 2?


  1. One on the south walkway.
  2. One by the front of the Hotel.
  3. One in Kowoon Garage.
  4. One in Aeon Garage.
  5. One in the Trucks Area.
  6. One in a truck near Kowoon Paddock.
  7. One east of Kronstandt Paddock.
  8. One in the Stands Tunnel.

Where is poison in Hitman freedom fighters?

Two lethal poisons can be found on the map. There is a Lethal Poison Pill Jar in the Barracks, and a Lethal Syringe hidden in a teddy bear the basement.

Has anyone ever survived inside a tornado?

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What happens if you get sucked into a tornado?

If you were to find yourself in the path of a tornado, you would likely be hit by debris several times and likely die. However, if you managed to not run into debris, you would most likely hit the ground so hard and probably won’t survive the impact.

How do you activate cheats on freedom fighters?

Type in the following during the middle of gameplay:

  1. IOIGOD – God Mode.
  2. IOIFLYMO – Flymo Ragdolls.
  3. IOICHARISMA – Charisma.
  4. IOIAMMO – Unlimited Ammo.
  5. IOIBLIND – Invisibility.
  6. IOIFASTMO – Fast motion.
  7. IOISLOWMO – Slow motion.
  8. IOISHOTGUN – Shotgun.

Where can I find a complete walkthrough for freedom fighters?

The GameSpot Walkthrough to Freedom Fighters contains a complete walkthrough for the game, including tips, weapon descriptions, and cheats. Get the latest gaming news, reviews, and deals sent to your inbox, FREE!

Are there any cheats for freedom fighters?

Freedom Fighters has a few tasty cheats for PC users (sorry console players), some of which can be implemented through the game’s console, and some of which are entered via the keyboard at any time during gameplay.

How do I enable console mode in freedom fighters?

Add a new line to the file, consisting of “EnableConsole” (without the parentheses). Now, when you load a game in Freedom Fighters, you can press the tilde key, located to the left of the 1 key, to open up the console.

How do you get extra supplies in freedom fighters?

Occasionally you’ll come across extra supplies during a mission; if you’re at your carrying capacity, don’t forget to heal yourself and then pick another one up. Part of the pleasure of playing Freedom Fighters lies in mastering the ability to command your troops.